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Leadership Team

Administrative Regional Director

Jan Fox

Business Manager

Stacy Maroney

Administrative Programs Officer

Amy VanNess

Administrative Programs Officer

Todd Hladik

Local Emergency Response Coordinator

Brandon Fetters

Community Engagement & Planning Director

Maggie Jackson

Board of Health

The Major County Board of Health consists of five (5) members who actively work with the health department to identify the public health problems of our county, and lead community efforts to solve them.

Appointments are made as follows:

  • 2 Appointed by State Commissioner of Health
  • 1 Appointed by District Court Judge-must hold School Administrators Certificate
  • 2 Appointed by Board of County Commissioners, 1 must be MD, DO, DDS, OD, or RN
Current Members: Appointed By:
Ms. Mylee Winegeart Board of County Commissioners
Ms. Megan Ewing Board of County Commissioners
Mr. Colt Shaw Associate District Judge
Ms. Cindy Detrick State Commissioner of Health
Mr. Stephen Kliewer State Commissioner of Health
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