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Public Health and Medical Systems

Preparedness and Response

The public health and medical systems were identified as critical infrastructure and vital support functions in the event of any such emergency. In 2002, the Oklahoma State Department of Health formed the Bioterrorism Preparedness Division, which later evolved to the Emergency Preparedness and Response Service, to address the public health and medical implications of a large-scale disaster affecting the state’s population.

Since that time, the Emergency Preparedness and Response Service has worked diligently with federal, state, tribal, local, non-governmental and private partners to ensure the safety of all Oklahomans. In addition, the Emergency Preparedness and Response has routinely assisted neighboring states in times of crisis.


Other websites that might be of interest for disaster planning:

Emergency preparedness for business


Region 3 Team:
Local Emergency Response Coordinator
Rosalyn Hall
Serving Beckham, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Tillman, Roger Mills Counties
Office:  (580) 482-7308
Cell:     (580) 318-9437

EPRS Region 3 Planner
Sheila Lawson
Oklahoma State Department of Health Office:  (405) 223-9705

EPRS Region 3 Nurse
Clarissa Miller
Oklahoma State Department of Health Office:  (405) 247-2507





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