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OSDH employee benefits include the following:


  • Health and Dental Insurance
    Depending on geographic location, several plans may be available. The cost of each plan varies according to the provider.
  • Life Insurance
    Basic Life Insurance includes a $20,000 life insurance policy. If an employee's death is the result of an accident, that amount will double to $40,000. Additional coverage is available at an extra cost.

    Guaranteed Issue Supplemental Life Insurance - A new employee, at the time they fill out their Benefit Enrollment form, can request additional Guaranteed Issue (GI) Supplemental Life Insurance.This Guaranteed Issue coverage is available only to new employees.
  • Disability Insurance
    Short and long-term disability is provided to employees when off work due to a qualifying event. Disability coverage pays 60 percent of the employee's salary up to a maximum dollar amount.
  • Premium Conversion
    Employees may elect to pay for eligible insurance premiums before taxes are deducted, lowering their taxable income.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
    Employees may set aside money from their paychecks before it has been taxed to pay for planned expenses, such as medical deductibles, child care expenses, and mass transit.
  • Annual Leave
    Annual leave is accrued based upon years of continuous service and is used for vacations, personal business, and time off not covered by other paid or holiday provisions.
  • Sick Leave
    Sick leave is to be used when an employee is unable to work due to illness, injury, or for medical, dental, or optical examinations or treatment. Full-time employees accrue 15 days per year/10 hours a month. There is no limit on amount that may be accrued.
  • Shared Leave
    Permanent employees with more than 12 months of service who have exhausted accrued sick and annual leave and who are absent from work because they suffer from, or have a relative or household member who suffers from, a serious or life-threatening illness or injury, or who are otherwise eligible for family leave, are eligible to receive annual or sick leave donated by state employees upon approval of the appointing authority.
  • Family Medical Leave
    Employees with more than twelve months of full-time service (and a minimum of 1250 hours) may take family leave, not to exceed 12 weeks in a 12-month period for qualifying events. Oklahoma statute allows FMLA designated leave to be charged to accrued annual leave, sick leave, leave without pay, or a combination of these three leave types. Upon exhaustion of all available annual and sick leave shared leave may be utilized for the remaining FMLA leave.
  • Military Leave
    Employees are eligible for 20 days of paid military leave per federal fiscal year when ordered to military duty. If the period of military status extends beyond 20 days the employee may elect to use accrued compensatory holidays, annual leave, or leave without pay.
  • Organizational Leave
    Qualifying employees are entitled to take leave with pay up to three days a year to attend meetings of job-related professional organizations of which they are a member.
  • Enforced Leave
    Employees may be granted paid time off from work for illness, injury, death of a member of their immediate families, or extreme personal disaster. Enforced leave is charged against the sick leave balance and may not exceed employee's sick leave balance or 10 working days in a calendar year.
  • Jury Services Leave
    Employees are entitled to time off without loss of compensation or leave when directed to perform jury duty.
  • Paid Holidays
    Employees receive days off with pay for holidays (Link opens a new window) as determined by Oklahoma Statute Title 25 82.1.(Link opens a new window)
  • Longevity Pay
    All full-time employees of the State of Oklahoma are eligible for Annual Longevity Payments, (Link opens a new window) after they have completed two years' state employment, as determined by Oklahoma Statues Title 74 840-2.18. (Link opens a new window) and the Human Capital Management division.
  • Additional benefits
    • Workers' compensation is available to employees injured on the job.
    • Retirement plan is provided for full-time employees.
    • Disability retirement may be available for employees who must terminate employment due to health problems.
    • Employee Discounts
For additional information regarding retirement and other employment benefits, contact the Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System and Employee Benefits Department web sites.
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