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Oklahoma Birth and Death Record Searches

Oklahoma became a state in November 1907. The state began accepting birth and death records for filing in October of 1908. The filing of these records became mandatory in 1917, however the practice of filing birth and death records with the state did not become routine until the 1940’s when they began to be used for identification purposes.

Search Fee: A non-refundable search fee of $15 per record is required before any search can be conducted. If a record is located, one copy will be issued. Additional copies may be obtained for $15 each. To request a search, a completed application, a photo ID, fees, and proof of eligibility must be submitted. [If you want to download a copy of the application, please click the link for Birth Certificates or Death Certificates on the left of this page.]


Births: There are no timely filed birth records on file prior to Oct 1908. There are a limited number of “delayed” records for births occurring prior to Oct 1908 (delayed birth: record was filed more than 1 year after birth).

Deaths: There are no records on file for deaths occurring prior to 1908.

Eligibility: The applicant must be working in the best interest of the subject of the record.

: The subject or parent of record may obtain the record directly.
All others (spouse, grandparent, children, etc.) should bring a signed authorization from the subject of the record and a copy of the subject’s ID.
Legal representatives will need to provide a proof of legal relationship e.g. court order, client agreement, etc.)

Deaths: The applicant must provide proof of familial or legal relationship e.g. birth, death, marriage certificates; court orders, legal will and testament, contract, etc

Open Records: Effective Nov 1, 2014, all non-sealed records of births that occurred more than 125 years from the current date will be open record, as will all records of deaths occurring more than 75 years prior to the current date. No proof of eligibility will be required for those records. An application, photo ID and fees will still be required.

Sealed Birth Records e.g. adoptions: These require a certified copy of a court order to open.

Contact Information

For more information, please visit the Oklahoma Vital Records website at or email your question to or call us at (405) 426-8880.

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