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Delayed Birth Certificates

Instructions for obtaining a Delayed Certificate will only be issued after a thorough search of our records for a certificate has been completed. The applicant must complete the birth application (spanish version) and submit all birth facts, proper ID and searching fees as required.

Many individuals request instructions for filing a delayed certificate without benefit of the search indicating that they know they do not have a birth record on file. This may be the case in some instances, however it is noted that in many instances individuals who thought they did not have a record on file, indeed had a birth record.


What is a delayed certificate?

A delayed certificate is a certificate filed for a birth that was not recorded within the first year of birth. Records not filed in a timely manner can be for a number of reasons and in the majority of cases, is dependent on the date of birth with the need for filing a delayed certificate more prominent for the earlier years when birth records were not established in a timely manner as they are today. It is important to note here that original birth records date back to October of 1908. This is the date that the filing process began in Oklahoma. It was not mandatory until 1917 that records be filed and even after that time, the earlier records are sketchy, since birth records were not needed then as they are today for identification purposes.

An individual born prior to October, 1908 may have filed a delayed birth record but they would have to file the record personally and have a need for the birth record.

How do I apply?

Complete the application for obtaining a Birth Certificate and submit the application with proper birth facts, ID and fees. Upon receipt of the acceptable application by an entitled individual, a search for the requested record will be made.

If a certificate is not located instructions will be issued regarding the filing of a Delayed Certificate of Birth. Documentation established by the registrant, since birth, that substantiate the facts of birth, will be required before consideration is given for the filing of the certificate.

What type of documents are required?

Three documents must indicate the date of birth (one document must indicate date of birth) or age.
Two documents must indicate the birthplace as Oklahoma.
One document must indicate the full names of both parents including the mother’s maiden name (proof of parents marriage may be required)

Suggested documents would include:

  • Early School Record
  • Military Discharge
  • Marriage License
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Insurance Policy
  • Physicians Record
  • Social Security Account Application
  • Official Census Records

All documents must be official records and have been established at or near the time of birth and/or established at least ten (10) years prior to application. Each document must be from an official source that is verifiable and must have official certification and be dated with the date the record was established and the date the record was issued. Only one document from each source is acceptable, (i.e. one school record, one child’s birth certificate, etc.). The document must contain the name of the registrant and at least one of the facts to be established (date of birth, place of birth, parents). Documents submitted may indicate more that one of the facts to be established, such as a child’s birth certificate may indicate the registrant’s age on a specific date and birthplace.

Remember, documents are being submitted to substantiate specific birth facts. Unacceptable documents often submitted are social security cards (the card has no birth facts), marriage license (some licenses have age or birth date for the applicants, some do not), etc. Documents with no birth facts are not acceptable.

All documents are subject to review, verification and acceptance.

Additional documentation may be required.

Submission of a fraudulent application for a birth record is punishable by law.

Delayed certificates are not filed for deceased individuals.

Delayed certificates cannot be amended after filed unless court ordered determination of paternity is received.

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