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Responsibilities for Stillbirth Submission

The responsibility for filing stillbirth certificates can be found in 63 OS 1-318.  Paragraph (b) reads: 

"The funeral director or person acting as such who first assumes custody of a fetus shall file the fetal death certificate."

This is almost exactly what the "death certificate law" says.  The funeral director is responsible for filing the stillbirth certificate within three days of the event. 

HOWEVER, it is the responsibility of the hospital to complete most of the certificate.  Many of the items on the top part of the certificate can be, and should be, completed by the hospital at the time of the event.  Only two items, Items 9 and 10, are specific to the funeral home.  Furthermore, the medical information part of the certificate (the bottom part, also called “the tail”) must be completed by the hospital.  This information is similar to that on a birth certificate.  Therefore, birth clerks should make sure they collect this information for entry onto the stillbirth certificate. 

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