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Funeral Director's Responsibility

In general, funeral director's duties are to:

  • Complete/cause to be completed all required items in the top section of the stillbirth certificate (Items 1 through 12).
  • Send certificate to the physician for completion of the Medical Information section (Items 13 through 34) IF the physician did not fill it out beforehand. 
  • Review entire certificate for completeness and accuracy.  Address any omissions, errors, and/or discrepancies.
  • File the certificate with the State Registrar.
  • Notify the medical examiner of any stillbirth believed to have been an accident, suicide, homicide, or to have occurred without medical attendance.  (63 OS 938)
  • Obtain and use all necessary permits for cremation or removal of the body from the state.
  • Cooperate with the State Registrar concerning any questions on certificate entries.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with all Oklahoma laws, rules, and regulations governing vital statistics.
  • Call the Vital Records Division for advice and assistance when necessary.
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