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Funeral Director Request for Correction of Error on a Death Certificate

Oklahoma Statutes 63 §1-321 g. “If within sixty (60) days of the initial issuance of a certificate of death, a funeral director, or a person acting as such, requests a correction to any portion of the death record except the information relating to the medical certification portion, due to a scrivener's error, misspelling or other correction of information, the Commissioner of Health, through the State Registrar of Vital Statistics, shall amend the record, provided said request is made in writing or through an electronic system and is accompanied by documentation disclosing the correct information or by a sworn statement of the funeral director. The funeral director, or person acting as such, shall be responsible for any and all amendment fees that may be imposed by the Commissioner of Health for said correction. Up to ten certified copies containing the erroneous original information may be exchanged for certified copies containing the corrected information at no additional cost.”

Effective date: Nov 1, 2019

Effective November 1, 2019, a funeral director may apply for a correction to a death record issued by the Oklahoma Vital Records Office within 60 days of the original issuance with documentation or through a sworn statement. The standard amendment fee of $20 is required and up to 10 previously issued certified copies may be exchanged at no charge.  We recommend submitting the supporting documentation to avoid inadvertent errors.

Please submit your Request for Correction to the Oklahoma Vital Records Office using the attached form or one that is substantively similar. Any ommission in required information may delay the amendment process.

If you have any questions, please call (405.271.5108) or email ( for assistance.

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