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Registering Oklahoma Vital Event Records

In 2005 the Oklahoma State Department of Health began work on a new system which would allow birth and death records to be registered electronically. Historically, these records were registered using paper and were often incomplete and contained numerous errors resulting in the need for amendments which are costly and frustrating to families and data providers alike. Certificates had to be hand delivered or mailed between hospitals, funeral directors, physicians and the vital records division resulting in significant delays before records were filed. In some cases, births and deaths remained unregistered for years due to the records not being submitted.

ROVER was launched in April 2009 and hospitals began registering births using the web-based system. Birth records were immediately found to be filed faster, more completely, and more accurately due to built-in edits.

In 2011, the death module was released to funeral directors. By Aug 2012, all funeral directors in Oklahoma and several in contiguous states were using the system. Physicians were mandated to certify death certificates effective July 1, 2017 and by September 2017 all death records were electronically certified and filed. As of the end of March 2019 more than 3,600 physicians are registered to use ROVER. Electronic certification by physicians and funeral directors has significantly sped up the registration process making death records available to families much sooner. The percent of non-Medical Examiner records registered within 10 days rose from 35% at the beginning of 2016 to 60% in Feb 2019. Two thirds of Medical Examiner death certificates are filed within 10 days.

We look forward to continuing this momentum and to when 90% of records are filed within 10 days. Today, nearly 15 years after we first envisioned ROVER, work is underway to implement the next generation of ROVER which will be even faster and easier for providers to use.

Physicians who would like to sign up for ROVER should contact or call (405) 426-8686.

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