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Phase One of Online Vote Registration is LIVE!

Oklahomans who are already registered to vote may update their registration information online.
Information that may be updated includes:
*address of residence (must be in the same county as previous address)
*mailing address
*party affiliation

Voters who are not currently registered to vote, those needing to change their name, or change an address to a different county may submit those changes by filling out and returning a paper form available for download here.

Status of Online Voter Registration

State law (Title 26, Section 4-109.4, Oklahoma Statutes) authorizes the Secretary of the State Election Board to establish a secure system for online voter registration.
Phase One of online voter registration launched in 2018 and allows registered voters to update their address or to change their party affiliation online.
Phase Two, or full online voter registration, will allow new voter registrations, name changes, and address changes to another county. It is required by state law to link with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety's (DPS) driver's license system to verify information submitted and to retrieve an electronic signature. (DPS is in the process of upgrading its computer system and should be able to accommodate the requirements of online voter registration after the new system is in place.)
We expect full online voter registration (Phase Two) to be available at a future date. An electronic (online) voter registration system will require time to develop and test before it is available to the public. Check back here for updates about the development of online voter registration for Oklahoma.

History of Online Voter Registration Legislation in Oklahoma

In 2015, Senate Bill 313 was adopted by the Oklahoma State Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. This legislation authorized the Secretary of the Oklahoma State Election Board to develop a secure online system where a citizen with a current and valid Oklahoma driver's license or identification card issued by the Department of Public Safety may submit a voter registration application electronically.
Election board officials worked with legislators in 2017 on Senate Bill 360, which authorized “Phase One” of online registration, allowing registered voters to update their address (within the same county) or change their party affiliation online. Phase One is not required to interface with the Department of Public Safety’s computer system. Phase One was launched Sep. 10, 2018.

Online Voter Registration across the United States

To learn more about online voter registration in the United States, visit the National Conference of State Legislatures Online Voter Registration page.

Last Modified on Nov 22, 2021
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