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Special General Election for State Senator, District 43
October 11, 2011

IMPORTANT! These are unofficial, unverified results. Election results are posted to this website as they are received at the State Election Board from county election boards and will not include provisional ballot results until after 5 PM Friday, October 14. Results shown here are subject to contest and recount and are neither final nor official until they are so certified by the State Election Board.

Unless a contest of election or a petition for recount has been filed, results will be certified by the State Election Board at 5 PM Tuesday, October 18. Results of a race in which a contest of election or a petition for recount has been filed cannot be certified until the contest has been heard or the recount has been completed.

Results will be updated continuously throughout the evening until all precincts have been reported. Use the "Reload," "Refresh," or equivalent function of your web browser to display the latest results.

----------------- Race Results Display --------------- VOTES ----- % PRECINCTS

FOR STATE SENATOR, DISTRICT NO.43                                   34 OF   34
          GREG CHILDERS                         REP     1,837   60.43%
          KENNETH MEADOR                        DEM     1,203   39.57%

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