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Primary Election:
Tuesday, August 27, 1996
Runoff Primary Election:
Tuesday, September 17, 1996
General Election:
Tuesday, November 5, 1996


One (1) United States Senator

Six (6) U.S. Representatives - nominated and elected by district:

District No. 1
District No. 2
District No. 3
District No. 4
District No. 5
District No. 6

(14 O.S., Sec. 5 and Article 1, Sec. 2, United States Constitution)


One (1) Corporation Commissioner (Article 9, Sec. 15, Oklahoma Constitution)


Three (3) Justices of the Supreme Court - One (1) from each of the following districts:

District No. 1---6 year term
District No. 6---6 year term
District No. 9---6 year term

Two (2) Judges of the Court of Criminal Appeals - One (1) from each of the following districts:

District No. 2---6 year term
District No. 3---6 year term

Five (5) Judges of the Court of Civil Appeals - One (1) from each of the following districts:

District No. 1: Office No. 1---6 year term
District No. 1: Office No. 2---6 year term
District No. 2: Office No. 1---6 year term
District No. 2: Office No. 2---6 year term
District No. 4: Office No. 2---unexpired term

Justices of the Supreme Court, Judges of the Court of Criminal Appeals and Judges of the Court of Civil Appeals will appear on a retention ballot at the General Election only.

(Article 7B, Oklahoma Constitution and 20 O.S., 30.16)


One (1) Representative from each of the 101 Representative Districts (14 O.S., Sec.116 et seq.)
Dist. 1---LeFlore*, McCurtain*            Dist. 51---Carter*, Cotton, Jefferson,
Dist. 2---Sequoyah*                                  Stephens*
Dist. 3---LeFlore*                        Dist. 52---Harmon*, Jackson
Dist. 4---Cherokee*, Sequoyah*            Dist. 53---Cleveland*
Dist. 5---Craig*, Delaware*, Mayes*       Dist. 54---Cleveland*
Dist. 6---Craig*, Mayes*, Rogers*         Dist. 55---Caddo*, Canadian*, Kiowa,
Dist. 7---Ottawa                                     Washita
Dist. 8---Mayes*, Rogers*, Wagoner*       Dist. 56---Caddo*, Canadian*, Grady*
Dist. 9---Rogers*                         Dist. 57---Blaine*, Custer, Dewey*
Dist. 10--Nowata, Osage*, Washington*     Dist. 58---Major, Woods, Woodward*
Dist. 11--Osage*, Washington*             Dist. 59---Blaine*, Dewey*, Ellis,
Dist. 12--Muskogee*, Wagoner*                        Kingfisher*, Roger Mills*,
Dist. 13--Muskogee*, Wagoner*                        Woodward*
Dist. 14--Muskogee*                       Dist. 60---Beckham, Greer, Harmon*,
Dist. 15--Haskell, McIntosh, Muskogee*               Roger Mills*
          Sequoyah*                       Dist. 61---Beaver, Cimarron, Harper,
Dist. 16--Muskogee*, Okmulgee*                       Texas, Woodward*
Dist. 17--Latimer, LeFlore*, Pittsburg*   Dist. 62---Comanche*
Dist. 18--Pittsburg*                      Dist. 63---Comanche*, Tillman
Dist. 19--Choctaw, McCurtain*,            Dist. 64---Comanche*
          Pushmataha                      Dist. 65---Comanche*, Grady*
Dist. 20--Atoka, Bryan*, Coal, Johnston   Dist. 66---Tulsa*
Dist. 21--Bryan*                          Dist. 67---Tulsa*
Dist. 22--Cleveland*, Garvin*, McClain*,  Dist. 68---Tulsa*
          Murray*, Pontotoc*              Dist. 69---Tulsa*
Dist. 23--Rogers*, Tulsa*                 Dist. 70---Tulsa*
Dist. 24--Hughes, Okfuskee*, Okmulgee*    Dist. 71---Tulsa*
Dist. 25--Pontotoc*                       Dist. 72---Tulsa*
Dist. 26--Pottawatomie*                   Dist. 73---Osage*, Tulsa*
Dist. 27--Cleveland*, Lincoln*,           Dist. 74---Osage*, Rogers*, Tulsa*
          Pottawatomie*                   Dist. 75---Tulsa*, Wagoner*
Dist. 28--Okfuskee*, Pottawatomie*,       Dist. 76---Tulsa*, Wagoner*
          Seminole                        Dist. 77---Tulsa*
Dist. 29--Creek*, Tulsa*                  Dist. 78---Tulsa*
Dist. 30--Creek*, Tulsa*                  Dist. 79---Tulsa*
Dist. 31--Logan*, Oklahoma*               Dist. 80---Tulsa*
Dist. 32--Creek*, Lincoln*                Dist. 81---Oklahoma*
Dist. 33--Logan*, Payne*                  Dist. 82---Oklahoma*
Dist. 34--Payne*                          Dist. 83---Oklahoma*
Dist. 35--Noble, Osage*, Pawnee,          Dist. 84---Oklahoma*
          Payne*, Tulsa*                  Dist. 85---Oklahoma*
Dist. 36--Osage*, Tulsa*                  Dist. 86---Adair, Cherokee*, Delaware*,
Dist. 37--Kay*, Osage*                               Mayes*
Dist. 38--Alfalfa, Grant, Kay*            Dist. 87---Oklahoma*
Dist. 39--Canadian*, Kingfisher*,         Dist. 88---Oklahoma*
          Oklahoma*                       Dist. 89---Oklahoma*
Dist. 40--Garfield*                       Dist. 90---Oklahoma*
Dist. 41--Garfield*, Kingfisher*          Dist. 91---Cleveland*, Oklahoma*
          Logan*                          Dist. 92---Oklahoma*
Dist. 42--Garvin*, Grady*, McClain*       Dist. 93---Oklahoma*
Dist. 43--Canadian*, Oklahoma*            Dist. 94---Oklahoma*
Dist. 44--Cleveland*                      Dist. 95---Oklahoma*
Dist. 45--Cleveland*                      Dist. 96---Oklahoma*
Dist. 46--Cleveland*, McClain*            Dist. 97---Oklahoma*
Dist. 47--Canadian*, Grady*               Dist. 98---Canadian*, Cleveland*
Dist. 48--Carter*, Garvin*, Murray*       Dist. 99---Oklahoma*
Dist. 49--Carter*, Love, Marshall         Dist. 100--Oklahoma*
Dist. 50--Stephens*                       Dist. 101--Oklahoma*

*County divided into two or more districts
One (1) Senator nominated and elected from each odd-numbered Senate District, for a four-year term (14 O.S., Sec. 80.11 et seq.)
Dist. 1---Craig*,Delaware, Ottawa         Dist. 29---Craig*, Nowata, Rogers*,
Dist. 3---Adair, Cherokee, Muskogee*,                Washington*
          Sequoyah*                       Dist. 31---Comanche*, Cotton, Grady*,
Dist. 5---Atoka*, Choctaw, McCurtain,                Stephens*
          Pushmataha                      Dist. 33---Tulsa*
Dist. 7---Atoka*, Coal*, Haskell,         Dist. 35---Tulsa*
          Latimer, Pittsburg              Dist. 37---Creek*, Tulsa*
Dist. 9---Muskogee*                       Dist. 39---Tulsa*
Dist. 11--Osage*, Tulsa*                  Dist. 41---Logan*, Oklahoma*
Dist. 13--Hughes, Okfuskee*, Pontotoc,    Dist. 43---Cleveland*, Oklahoma*
          Pottawatomie*                   Dist. 45---Canadian*, Cleveland*,
Dist. 15--Cleveland*, Garvin*, McClain*              Oklahoma*
Dist. 17--Cleveland*, Oklahoma*,          Dist. 47---Logan*, Oklahoma*
          Pottawatomie*                   Dist. 49---Beaver, Blaine*, Cimarron,
Dist. 19--Garfield, Kingfisher*                      Dewey*, Ellis, Harper, Major*,
          Logan*, Noble*                             Texas, Woods*, Woodward
Dist. 21--Lincoln*, Logan*, Payne*        Dist. 51---Tulsa*
Dist. 23--Blaine*, Caddo*, Canadian*,
          Grady*, Kingfisher*

*County divided into two or more districts.


Court Clerk, County Clerk, County Sheriff, County Commissioner-District 2 (19 O.S., Sec. 131)

This list is prepared and distributed as a public service by the Oklahoma State Election Board. It is ultimately the responsibility of each candidate to determine for himself whether he is qualified to file for a given office.

Qualifications for 1996 Offices

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