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2014 Candidates for Federal, State, Legislative and Judicial Offices

These candidate filings are compiled from Declarations of Candidacy accepted by the Oklahoma State Election Board during the April 9-11, 2014 candidate filing period for federal, state, legislative and judicial offices.
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  • The five-digit number preceding each candidate's name is a unique, ascending serial number beginning with 00001 and assigned by the State Election Board to each Declaration of Candidacy as it is accepted. This number is only for office use.
  • The letter "W," "T" or "F" immediately preceding each candidate's name indicates the day of the week (Wednesday, April 9; Thursday, April 10; or Friday, April 11) on which the candidate's Declaration of Candidacy was accepted.
  • The number immediately following each candidate's name is the age of the candidate as of the day on which the candidate's Declaration of Candidacy was accepted, calculated from the date of birth shown on the Declaration of Candidacy.
  • Web page and PDF formats of the candidate list show the candidate's address of residence, which may be different from the candidate's mailing address and may be insufficient for mailing purposes. Candidates' mailing addresses are included in the Excel and XML formats and also will be shown in the official candidate list described above.
Last Modified on May 06, 2021
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