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Misdemeanor or Felony Conviction for Possessing, Distributing, etc ... a Controlled Dangerous Substance While Using a Motor Vehicle

Upon the receipt of a record of conviction for this offense, DPS shall suspend the driving privilege of the driver as follows:

  1. If the revocation is a driver’s first revocation, the period of revocation is one hundred eighty (180) days.  

  2. If the revocation is a driver’s second revocation within the preceding ten (10) years, the period of revocation is one (1) year or longer.  

  3. If the revocation is a driver’s third or more within the preceding ten (10) years, then the period of revocation is three (3) years or longer.

To reinstate this type of Order of Revocation, the driver must:

  1. Surrender any type of driver license or permit in their possession to DPS as directed in the Order of Revocation;

  2. Serve the statutory period of revocation (180 days, 1 year or 3 years) as described above;

  3. Pay the statutory fees in the amount of $315.00* to DPS; and

  4. Attend a State approved Alcohol/Drug Assessment and complete all recommendations following the assessment.  It may take up to twelve months to complete the requirement.  Upon completion of all requirements, a completion certificate will be provided to you by the assessor.  You must provide the completion certificate to the Driver Compliance Division of DPS.

*NOTE: The statutory fees required for reinstatement are dependent on the laws in effect at the time of the offense and are subject to change by the Legislature.


Last Modified on Oct 15, 2020
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