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Fails to Appear in Court on a Citation Concerning No Insurance

Once suspended by DPS under this type of action, the driver’s suspension will continue until the suspension is reinstated with DPS.

To reinstate this type of suspension, the driver must:

  1. Surrender their driver license to DPS as directed in the Notice of Suspension*;

  2. Furnish DPS with proof from the court that the driver has satisfied the court;

  3. Furnish DPS with proof of current liability insurance in the driver’s name or insurance on the vehicle driven at the time of citation;
  4. Pay the statutory fees in the amount of $300.00** (plus the additional $50.00 failure to surrender driver license fee described in the NOTE below, if applicable, for a total of $350.00)***
  5. Mail the above requirements together to:

    Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
    Driver Compliance Division  
    P.O. Box 11415
    Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0415

*NOTE: If the driver fails to surrender their driver license within thirty (30) days from the date of suspension, there will be an additional $50.00 fee added to the statutory fees necessary for reinstatement.

**NOTE: The amount of statutory fees for reinstatement is dependent on the laws in effect at the time of suspension and are subject to change by the Legislature.

***NOTE: If the driver can show proof the vehicle at the time of the citation was covered by liability insurance which would cover the driver, together with proof that the driver appeared in court, DPS may remove the suspension.

Last Modified on Mar 31, 2021
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