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Oklahoma Commercial Driver License Skills Test Requirements

To review Steps 1-7, click here.

  1. Call the Department of Public Safety at (405) 425-2196 to schedule a CDL skills test when ready. Be aware that some locations are scheduled far in advance. Have your driver license number and a calendar ready when you call to expedite the scheduling process.

  2. Complete the CDL skills test. You will be required to complete a Pre-Trip inspection, the Basic Control Skills tests (backing maneuvers), and a road test. More information for each section can be found in the CDL Manual.

    • The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety does not supply vehicles for the CDL Skills Test.

    • You MUST show your documents listed in Step 5 as well as your CDL Permit and DL-18 that has your written test scores on it in order to take the drive test. You will also need any applicable information for the vehicle you will be driving.

  1. Once you have successfully completed all required portions of the CDL skills test, you will be issued paperwork to take to any tag agency of your choice to print your CDL License.

    • Fees for all classes are $25.00 

    • CDL License fees will increase if you did not pass the skills tests the first time. For each day you returned to retake one or more portions of the skills tests, your license fee will increase by $4.00

    • The CDL License may include CDL endorsements and/or restrictions — click here to view.

NOTICE: Once the application for a CDL is initiated, all drivers must show their documents listed in Step 5, as well as their DL-18 that has your written test scores on it and CDL Permit (once issued) each time they see the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety in regards to their CDL file and until all testing is complete.

Last Modified on Oct 26, 2020
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