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All driver license services, including issuance, renewals, reinstatements, and disability placards, are now operated by Service Oklahoma. Visit for more information or call 405-522-7000.

What is a General (G) Class wrecker service license?

  • A G class wrecker service with no storage can tow vehicles, at the owner's request, from one location to another but cannot take the vehicle back to their home or store the vehicle in another's storage facility
  • A Class G wrecker service with storage (many are repossession services) may pick up vehicles at the owner or lien holder's request and take back to their storage facility. They cannot tow a vehicle from private property at the property owner's request and they cannot tow for law enforcement agencies.

What is a Class AA Wrecker license?

  • To be a Class AA wrecker service, you must have a storage facility. The class AA means you can tow all vehicles as long as you do not go over the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of your wrecker vehicle. Class AA can tow owner request, private property and be on law enforcement rotation.

How do I apply for a wrecker license?

  • You may apply to be a Wrecker Service if you meet these requirements:
    • Own or lease a wrecker vehicle as defined in Title 47, Section 951 of the Oklahoma Statutes.
    • Maintain an office location if you fall within either of the following categories:
      • Wrecker service company desiring to participate in law enforcement rotation.
      • General (G) class wrecker service company planning to store vehicles.
    • The office must be maintained at the storage facility or within a two-mile radius.
    • Maintain an outdoor storage facility.
  • If requirements met, download copy of the Original Wrecker Service Application form, and follow the instructions. If the office, storage lot or any wrecker vehicle is leased, a copy of the lease agreement must be supplied to DPS with the application. You must also include a Department of Public Safety Certificate of Insurance (WA180) form and an OSBI Criminal History (online portal or download form) for all owners/officers listed on the application.

Will I be required to obtain a CDL driver's license?

  • If you plan to operate certain specialized types of vehicles such as buses, heavy oversized vehicles, or vehicles that carry multiple passengers, Oklahoma requires a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) . Click here to verify.

How long will it take once I send in my application before I get my license?

  • Generally, it will take a couple of days for the application to be reviewed and approved. However, this process may be delayed if the application is not submitted with all materials required or the insurance company has not sent a Department of Public Safety Certificate of Insurance (WA180). Also, there may be a delay if the insurance form is not properly completed or the amount of coverage does not meet the insurance requirements.

How much insurance must I have to own a wrecker service?

Once I get my DPS number and the trucks/storage facilities are ready for an inspection, what do I do?

The Trooper has been out and approved my wrecker and/or storage facility. Am I licensed?

  • No. You must take the inspection form the Trooper gave you and take it to your local tag agent and purchase a wrecker license plate before you can tow a vehicle. (Note: if your current license plate is not expired, you should turn it into the tag agent for credit.)

How do I add a new truck or get a new truck inspected?

  • Go to Wrecker Inspection Request Form, fill out the form and email Wrecker Services or fax to (405) 425-2031. (Be sure to have your insurance company send the Department a new Certificate of Insurance (WA180) form listing all your wrecker vehicles in your fleet.)

How do I add a wrecker service driver?

  • Complete the Wrecker Driver Notification Form.
  • Email to Wrecker Services or fax to (405) 425-2031.
  • Please be certain to include a copy of the driver’s TIMS (Traffic Incident Management) certificate if not already on file with DPS.

How do I remove a wrecker service driver from my wrecker service license? Remove a wrecker vehicle?

How do I file a complaint?

  • Depends on what the complaint is about. The Oklahoma Cooperation Commission regulates the fees a wrecker service can change on nonconsensual tows. OCC Transportation Division. The Department of Public Safety is in charge of seeing the wrecker services have the proper amount of insurance coverage, vehicle equipment, and meet wrecker service storage facility requirements. Send an email to Wrecker Services explaining your complaint.
Last Modified on Aug 25, 2023
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