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All driver license services, including issuance, renewals, reinstatements, and disability placards, are now operated by Service Oklahoma. Visit for more information or call 405-522-7000.

Driving Record/Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

  1. How do I obtain my driving record by mail?

    • In order to obtain your Oklahoma MVR (Motor Vehicle Report), you must complete and submit a Records Request form along with the appropriate fee to the Department of Public Safety or you may purchase your Oklahoma MVR from any tag agency in this state. You can locate the Records Request form by clicking here.

  2. How do I obtain my driving record online?

    • In order to obtain your Oklahoma MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) online, you must have your Oklahoma Driver's License in your possession. You will be required to enter the Camera ID number, which can only be found on your actual Oklahoma Driver's License (this information cannot be given via phone). Online MVRs can be obtained by clicking here.

  3. I need a 10 year driving record, how do I obtain this?

    • Oklahoma does not provide a 10 year MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) as it is limited to the last 3 years per Title 47 O.S., Section 6-117. This means any citation of which you were convicted will appear on your MVR for 3 years from date of conviction.

  4. How much does it cost to purchase my driving record?

  5.  If I am over 65 is my MVR free?

  6. Can I pay with a credit card by phone and have my Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) emailed or fax?

    • Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card payments by phone and fax or email them. You must come in person to DPS to use your credit card as payment or you can pay with a credit card using the online application by clicking here.
Last Modified on Oct 26, 2020
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