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Driving and Health Issues

Authorities: The "Medical Aspects of Driver Licensing", specifically Oklahoma Administrative Code 595:10-5-1 et al., and 47 O.S. Sections 6-207 and 6-119.  

  1. I know someone who shouldn't be driving because of health reasons. What do I do?

    First, you must have personal knowledge of the condition, such as that acquired by a family member, doctor, judge, or law enforcement officer.  You will then need to complete a Request For Driver Review form.  This will permit us to conduct an investigation concerning the driver's driving and health issues. Please see the bottom of the form for the mailing address and make sure to mark the envelope “Attention Medical Desk.

  2. If I submit the Request For Driver Review form, can I remain anonymous? 

    The Department CANNOT guarantee  that the person submitting the Request for Driver Review form will remain anonymous throughout any review process which may be initiated by the Department as a result of a request for driver review.  Further, an emailed copy of the Request for Driver Review will NOT be accepted by the Medical Desk because an original signature of the requestor is required to initiate a medical inquiry.  

  3.   If I submit the Request For Driver Review Form, under what criteria must it be submitted?

    All requests for driver review submitted to the Department must be done in good faith without negligence or malicious intent.   

  4.  I have been requested to submit a Medical Report concerning the status of my health to the Department of Public Safety. I can't get my medical report in on time, what should I do?

    Contact the Medical Desk at the Department of Public Safety by phone at 405-425-2083.  If your condition is stable and you have a set appointment with a doctor we may be able to extend the reporting date.

  5. May I fax in my Medical Report?

    We prefer you or your doctor mail in the medical report. However, in some situations we may approve a faxed report. Approval should be obtained from the Medical Desk at the Department of Public Safety first. Call 405-425-2083.  If faxing is approved, then you will be able to fax the medical report to 405-425-2061 or 2321, Attention Medical Desk.

  6.  What are the Department of Public Safety's Rules or Regulations concerning medical problems?

    The Department has a set of rules or regulations called the "Medical Aspects of Driver Licensing", specifically Oklahoma Administrative Code 595:10-5-1 et al.  The regulations set the standards for licensing individuals with health problems or physical impairments. 

  7. By what method are those standards established?

    The aforementioned regulations are promulgated under the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act based upon information from licensed medical doctors who serve on the  Department’s Medical Advisory Board. 

  8. If I have been diagnosed with a specific medical ailment that may impair my ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, can the Department of Public Safety require periodic medical reports and/or reexamination?


  9. What medical conditions/ailments do the Department monitor? 

Alcohol and/or other Intoxicating Substance Abuse
Any Condition which would cause Loss of Control/ Partial Control of a Motor Vehicle
Behavioral Changes
Cardiovascular Diseases
Cerebral Palsy
Chronic Violator
Diabetes Mellitus/Hypoglycemia

     Impaired Balance Recovery
     Impaired Reflexes
     Lapses of Attention
     Mental Ability
     Mental Confusion
     Multiple Sclerosis

     Musculoskeletal Problems
     Neurological Disorders
     Orthostatic Hypertension
     Parkinson's Disease
     Progressive Neuromuscular Disorders
     Visual Problems

Last Modified on Oct 26, 2020
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