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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has extended the REAL ID full enforcement date to May 7, 2025.


All driver license offices now operated by Service Oklahoma (formerly operated by the Department of Public Safety and tag agents) continue to be operational and processing business as usual. Visit for more information.

Disability Parking Placards

  1. Do I need to see the doctor for a renewal of my disability placard?

    • Yes, you must see the doctor for renewal of your disability parking placard every five (5) years.

  2. How do I replace my placard that has been lost, stolen or destroyed?

    • Fill out the applicant (patient) information on the form, sign and submit to the address at the bottom of the application, along with an indication that your previous placard had been lost, stolen or destroyed. We will issue a replacement placard with the same expiration as the original placard. The original will be cancelled for use and will no longer valid. Please note however, there is a maximum replacement limit of one (1) placard for lost, stolen or destroyed placards.

  3. What type of medical personnel can sign for me to obtain a disability parking placard?

    • A physician, physician assistant, advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP), osteopathic physician, chiropractor, podiatrist or optometrist can sign the application.

  4. I have two motor vehicles. How do I get more than one placard?

    • If you have an old application, write "Request 2" on the application. If you have a newer application, please check the box.

  5. Can I send in a copy of my application or fax in my application?

    • No, you must send in the original application. Faxed applications are not accepted.

  6. If I do not have a driver license, what would I put in the space for Driver License/ID number on the application?

    • If you are not licensed, please put your Oklahoma ID Card number in the space if you have an ID card, otherwise leave the space blank. If the application is for a minor child, insert the child's ID Card number if the child has one, otherwise leave the space blank.

  7. How long will it take before I receive my parking placard?

    • If the application form is completed properly, please allow approximately 20 business days for processing and mailing. If your properly completed application is presented at the Disability Parking Permit desk at the Building 1 of the Department of Public Safety at 3600 Martin Luther King Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, your application will be processed immediately.

  8. Can a married couple share a parking placard?

    • No, each person must have a placard issued to them, as the placard is issued to the person with the disability, not the vehicle.

  9. What if I do not receive my placard within the 20 business days?

    • To ensure proper delivery, please make sure that you have given us a proper return mailing address that has a mail receptacle to receive your mail. Also, be sure that you have included any apartment numbers, suite numbers or box numbers in the return mailing address. If you have not received your disability parking placard after 20 business days, you are welcome to call the Disability Parking Permit Desk at (405) 425-2693 to check on the status of your application.

  10. What should I do if my application is returned?

    • Check your application to make sure that both you and your physician have signed the application. Further, verify that the application was sent to our office with the sixty (60) days from the date of the physician's signature. Be sure the form is the original and has not altered. Be sure the form has been completed entirely. Once corrections or omissions have been made, resubmit your application.

  11. Can I bring in my application in person?

    • If you live in the Oklahoma City area, you can bring the application to the Disability Parking Permit desk which is physically located at the Department of Public Safety, 3600 N. Martin Luther King Ave, Building 1, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  12. What if I ride in the car with someone else or I have a driver take me?

    • The placard is issued to the person, not to the vehicle. As long as you are riding in the vehicle your disability parking placard is valid.

  13. When can I renew my disability parking placard?

    • You may renew your placard six months (6) before it expires.

  14. Why did I get a temporary placard when I have always had 5 year disability parking placards?

    • We issue according to what physician marks on the application. A change of doctors can also be the reason for the change. Also, if the application is unmarked, a temporary placard is issued so that you may have a placard to use until a 5 year placard is issued if necessary.

  15. Is there a grace period after the expiration date?

    • No, you must renew your placard before it expires. If you use an expired placard, this could result in a citation being issued to you.

There is no longer a lifetime permanent disability placard.
The Department of Public Safety does not charge a fee for the issuance of a disability parking placard.
All placards reported as lost or stolen are cancelled for use and are no longer valid.
Lastly remember, a person knowingly making a false application for a parking placard, or engaging in the unauthorized use of the placard, is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction there of shall be punished by a fine of $500.00.
Last Modified on Oct 13, 2020
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