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Collision Report

  1. How much does it cost to purchase a collision report?

    • A collision report costs $7.00. For a certified collision report, the cost is $10.00.

  2. Can I pay with credit card by phone and have my collision report emailed or faxed to me?

    • Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card payments by phone. You must come to DPS in person to use your credit card as payment. We do not email or fax records.

  3. How long will it take before DPS has my collision report?

    • Per Title 47 O.S., Section 40-102 A.1., reports should be forwarded to DPS within thirty (30) days of the collision or, if the collision results in death of any person, within twenty (20) days of the death of the person, whichever time period is lesser, by the law enforcement agency preparing the report.

  4. How can I get a collision report?

    • By mail - Click here

    • By phone - You cannot purchase a collision report by phone.

  5. Who is authorized to purchase a collision report?

    • The collision report can be provided immediately if the requestor is one of the following, as provided in Title 47 O.S., Section 40-102:2
      • A party involved in the collision,
      • A legal representative of a party involved in the collision,
      • A state, county or city law enforcement agency,
      • The Department of Transportation or any country or city transportation or road and highway maintenance agency,
      • Licensed insurance agent of a party involved in the collision,
      • Insurer of a party involved in the collision
      • Insurer to which a party has applied for coverage,
      • Person under contract with an insurer to provide claims or underwriting information,
      • Prosecutorial authority,
      • Newspaper,
      • Radio or television broadcaster,
      • Licensed private investigators employed by a party involved in the collision, or 
      • Provider of health services to a party involved in the collision.
    • Any other requester must wait until sixty (60) days after the date of the collision.

  6. I have purchased my collision report and feel there is a mistake that should be corrected. How do I resolve this?
    • You must contact and speak to the investigating law enforcement officer listed at the bottom of the collision report to request a revision.
Last Modified on Oct 26, 2020
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