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Subchapter 9 - Class AE Inspection Station, Vehicle Emission Anti-Tampering Inspection

Section 595:20-9-1  -  General [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-2  -  Vehicle emission anti-tampering inspection program [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-3  -  Vehicle emission inspection [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-4  -  Vehicle emission anti-tampering inspection procedures [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-5  -  Equipment [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-6  -  Manufactures emission control label [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-7  -  Catalytic Converter System (C.A.T.) [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-8  -  Lead detection [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-9  -  Fuel inlet restrictor (F.I.R.) [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-10  -  Evaporative emission control system (E.V.P.) [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-11  -  Air injection system (A.I.S. or A.I.R.) [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-12  -  Positive crankcase ventilation system  (P.C.V. Valve) [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-13  -  Oxygen sensor [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-14  -  Thermostatic air intake system (T.A.C.) [Revoked]

Section 595:20-9-15  -  Exhaust gas recirculation system (E.G.R.) [Revoked]

Last Modified on Oct 05, 2020
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