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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has extended the REAL ID full enforcement date to May 7, 2025.


All driver license offices now operated by Service Oklahoma (formerly operated by the Department of Public Safety and tag agents) continue to be operational and processing business as usual. Visit for more information.

Subchapter 5 - Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course

NOTE: Effective 11-1-07, the Department of Public Safety was no longer responsible for establishing criteria for motor vehicle accident prevention courses or for approving course instructors. The Department subsequently revoked the rules in the Subchapter 5 by permanent action, effect 9-12-08. For additional information, see HB 1868 (2007).

Section 595:40-5-1  -  Purpose [Revoked]

Section 595:40-5-1  -  Compliance with laws, rules and regulations [Revoked]

Section 595:40-5-1  -  Definitions [Revoked]

Section 595:40-5-1  -  Applications for approval and issuance of certification of sponsoring agencies and instructors to conduct motor vehicle accident prevention courses [Revoked]

Section 595:40-5-1  -  Minimum curriculum requirements for MVAPC courses [Revoked]

Section 595:40-5-1  -  Minimum qualifications for certification of course instructors and grounds for disqualification [Revoked]

Section 595:40-5-1  -  Responsibilities of sponsoring agencies [Revoked]

Section 595:40-5-1  -  Grounds for revocation of authority to conduct MVAPC and for revocation of an instructor's certification [Revoked]

Section 595:40-5-1  -  Denial or revocation of sponsoring agency certification; denial or revocation of instructor certification [Revoked]

Section 595:40-5-1  -  Student attendance requirements [Revoked]

Last Modified on Oct 05, 2020
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