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Chapter 20 - Inspection and Equipment for Motor Vehicles

Appendix A - Passenger Vehicle Lighting Chart [Revoked]

Appendix B - Truck Tractor Lighting Chart [Revoked]

Appendix C - Truck and Bus Lighting Chart [Revoked]

Appendix D - Cam Brake Illustration and Allowable Measurements [Revoked]

Appendix E - Tire Tread Measurement [Revoked]

Appendix F - Steering Lash [Revoked]

Appendix G - Critical Area of Windshield [Revoked]

Appendix H - Wheels [Revoked]

Appendix I - Wheel Casting [Revoked]

Appendix J - Wheel Studs [Revoked]

Appendix K - Front Wheel Bearings [Revoked]

Appendix L - School Bus Lighting Equipment [Revoked]

Appendix M - Windshield Sticker Placement [Revoked]

Appendix N - Mechanical Vehicle Inspection Certificate [Revoked]

Appendix O - Rejection Receipt - Vid 44 Front Side [Revoked]

Appendix P - Rejection Receipt - Vid-44 Back Side [Revoked]

Appendix Q - Inspection Station Monthly Report Form Vid-21 [Revoked]

Appendix R - Signature Card [Revoked]

Appendix S - Request for Inspection Stickers - Vid-19 [Revoked]

Appendix T - Refund Request for Inspection Stickers - Vid-25 [Revoked]

Appendix U - C.A.T. System [Revoked]

Appendix V - Fuel Inlet Restrictor [Revoked]

Appendix W - Evp System [Revoked]

Appendix X - Type 1 Ais System [Revoked]

Appendix Y - Type 2 Ais System [Revoked]

Appendix Z - Pcv System [Revoked]

Appendix AA - Oxygen Sensor System [Revoked]

Appendix BB - Tac System [Revoked]

Appendix CC - Egr System [Revoked]

Appendix DD - Emission and Mechanical Inspection Certificate [Revoked]

Appendix EE - Tulsa Emission Control Area [Revoked]

Appendix FF - Oklahoma City Emission Control Area [Revoked]

Appendix GG - Loss Affidavit [Revoked]

Appendix HH - Removal of Inspection Sticker From AS-14 Glass [Revoked]

Appendix II - Windshield Markings [Revoked]

Appendix JJ - Example of Windshield Identification [Revoked]

Appendix KK - Dealer Statement of Exchange [Revoked]

Last Modified on Oct 13, 2020
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