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Office of the Inspector General


Ted Woodhead
Inspector General

Phone: 405-425-2508

3400 Martin Luther King Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK  73111

Jason Sparks
Administrator of Inspector General

Phone: 405-425-2508

Report Inmate Cell Phone/Social Media Use

The Office of the Inspector General of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) was created to promote professionalism, rehabilitation, integrity, diversity, and excellence within the Department of Corrections. The Inspector General is the chief law enforcement officer of the Department of Corrections and reports directly to the Director of the Department of Corrections. OIG consists of six (6) investigative and intelligence gathering units.

The Criminal Interdiction Division (CID) is responsible for investigating the introduction and distribution of contraband into ODOC facilities. This includes money laundering and financial crimes associated with contraband and criminal organizations, and persons involved.

Employee Rights and Relations Unit (ERRU) is responsible serving the employees of ODOC by providing technical expertise, knowledge, support, and assistance in adherence to employment related rules/regulations, policies, procedures, laws, and in-agency practices. ERRU investigates discrimination grievances which come under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual harassment, Americans with Disabilities Act complaints, cultural diversity, and other related issues.

Fugitive Apprehension is responsible the apprehension of ODOC escapees, halfway house inmate walkaways, and offenders who have chosen to abscond parole supervision. Agents are also called upon to assist Probation and Parole Officers with the apprehension of offenders with a violent history, as well as to assist the US Marshal’s Violent Crime Task Forces.

Intelligence Unit is responsible for collecting intelligence regarding internal threats, threats projected from facilities to outside communities, serious incidents involving staff, organized criminal activity, drug trafficking, security threat groups (STG)/gangs, and terrorism within ODOC. This intelligence is analyzed and disseminated to staff to initiate a full investigation or for other appropriate actions.

Investigation Unit is responsible for conducting both procedural and criminal investigations. Investigations encompass matters concerning inmates, probation and parole offenders, employees, and other identified criminal activity which impacts correctional operations.

Law Enforcement Communications Unit is responsible for providing an efficient and effective communications solution for the sole purpose of providing interstate, intrastate, and interagency exchange of criminal justice related information.

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Last Modified on Jun 09, 2022
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