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The education program is accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and is staffed by state certified teachers.  Literacy, Adult Basic Education (ABE), and high school equivalency programs are available to inmates with a need in primary education.  Many students continue their education and obtain associate and bachelor degrees while incarcerated.

Administration and Contacts

Dr. Jeana Ely, Superintendent of Schools

2901 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 200
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106

Phone: (405) 962-6109
Fax: (405) 962-6102

West Oklahoma

Jack Bowers, Sr. Principal
James Crabtree Correctional Center

216 N. Murray
Helena, Oklahoma 73141

Phone: (580) 852-3125

East Oklahoma

Dan Hattaway, Sr. Principal
Eddie Warrior Correctional Center

P.O. Box 315
Taft, Oklahoma 74463

Phone: (918) 683-8365 ext. 264
Fax: (918) 683-1586

Vocational Training

Vocational programs allow inmates the opportunity to learn a skill prior to returning to society. A variety of technical training programs is available statewide at multiple sites and security levels. Please see Attachment D of DOC OP-090101 “Standards for Inmate Programs” for additional information.

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