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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, ODOC has partnered with Securus Technologies to provide inmates two free phone calls each week while visitation was suspended. With visitation reopening, these free phone calls will continue until April 15. After April 15, phone calls will still be permitted, subject to standard rates and policies.

Apology Bank

The Apology Bank was created to allow inmates serving time in the Oklahoma DOC to reach out to those they have harmed and apologize for the crime they have committed. Inmates sometimes choose to write a letter of apology to the victim(s) and/or survivor(s) of their crime. Inmates are not permitted contact with victims according to DOC policy, so they are instructed to send those letters to Community Outreach. All apology letters are screened by the Community Outreach Coordinator to prevent any possibility of re-victimization. Community Outreach retains appropriate letters in an Apology Letter Bank. Apology letters are not shared with victims unless personally and specifically requested - we will only provide them on a victim-initiated basis.

If you are a victim and choose to read your letter, please contact us at (405) 425-2607 or at

•Apology Bank Brochure          
Apology Bank Guidelines 
Apology Bank Offender Request to Participate

Last names A through M

Last names N through Z

Inmate name
DOC Number
Austin, Baron 522158
Barham, D'Angelo 679297
Barry, Antonio 216082
Berry, Rico
Burger, Derek 186931
Burnett, Russ 498933
Burrell, Juan A. 431960
Campbell, James 252103
Cassel, Christopher 670648
Cipriano, Michael 374974
Cooper, Earl 86017
Davis, Charles 147462
Dial, Billy 141255
Demoss, Mark 164520
Elizalde, Alejandro Xico 630583
Elliott, Darrin 400101
Estes, Spencer 648570
Ewalt, Richard 259137
Fisher, John 208506
Fleenor, David 241218
Funkhouser, Kenneth 91752
Gibson, Michael 78808
Grider, Kyle 508200
Grizzle, Daniel 467431
Guerad, Salina
Hall, Richard 152148
Hancock, Kyle D. 656144
Harnsberry, Mark 119649
Hester, Troy 222990
Hinsley, Vergil 238058
Horn, Rodney 247383
Houser, Katherine 748225
Jackson, Dalen 413742
Jameson, Larry 204492
Johnston, Todd 241749
Jones, Sunny 792297
Kelso, Terry 146823
King, Carey 683440
Koonce, Ronald 76423
Kusek, Nathon L. 522074
Lee, Franklin 200764
Lindren, Glen 166078
Livingston, William 607598
Martin, Sherry 792982
Martinez, Ralph 245086
Masters, Rodney 128463
Montgomery, Adonis 632465
Montgomery, James 374421
Murrell, Robert 116557

Last names N through Z

Inmate name
Doc number
Nelson, Christopher 247476
Orr, Ricky 145614
Pigeon, Kevin 591222
Quillen, Courtney 789003
Raven, Tommy 161244
Ray, Joshua David 677830
Riddle, Evan
Rodgers, Jimmie 396268
Rowland, John 255658
Rueb, Nancy 591242
Scott, Courtney 196205
Slaton, David 239168
Smart, Jimmy 625039
Steeves, Matthew 680594
Stohler, Jim 142710
Strickland, Billy 143467
Sweezy, Anthony 210987
Sylestine, Devin 726151
Tallbear, Mitchell
Thomas, Carlos 236319
Thomas, Jerry 85779
Thomas, Nor 247012
Tibbs, London 533552
Tuck, Jessie 606392
Tucker, Danny 434014
Turner, Danny 205606
Turner, Robert 176987
Vowell, Kendall 102332
Vue, Ong 264881
Walker, Bruce 95529
Watts, Randy 128542
Wenthold, Kimberley
Wheeler, Whitney
White, James 112883
Wiscombe, Laura 492949
Wilder, Christopher 249545
Woods, Ronald 229309
Woodward, Edwin 233398
Yelvington, Phillip Austin 557573
Young, David 449251
Last Modified on Mar 23, 2021
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