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Identification / Registration Resources

Identification is important and required for a lot of purposes. Whether it be a driver's license, state id, social security card, or passport, all will be important at some time during your life.
Order Oklahoma Birth Certificate Request a vital record (birth certificate) from a different state
Information on Oklahoma Driver's license or identification card
Information on Oklahoma Modified or Provisional Drivers License
Social Security Website Toll free number: 1-800-772-1213
Obtaining a passport generally speaking a felony conviction will not bar a felon from obtaining a U.S. passport but the final authority is the US Government. Even after you obtain a passport you still have the problem of being allowed to enter other countries. Many will restrict felons from entering (Australia) and some restrict based on the crime(s) involved (Canada, Great Britton/UK). Some require that you only stay for a certain length of time and/or relocate to another country. Most Countries require a background check of some sort. The nature of the crime makes a hug difference. If you were convicted of a federal or state drug felony and you used a passport to cross an international boundary or some other way to further the offense more than likely you will be disqualified. The passport offices also check you name against a list. Basically, if you have any outstanding warrants, or child support owed over $5,000, you will be on the list. Also, any law enforcement can request your name be placed on the list if they do not want you to get a passport, for example if they feel that you will flee to avoid prosecution, etc. Generally, just because you got convicted does not mean you cannot get a passport, except for the child support issue. You can contact the Federal Passport Agency for the information related to your specific situation.
U.S. Passport Toll free number: 1-877-487-2778
Last Modified on Dec 23, 2022
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