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Medical Services


Ross Fisher, M.D., FACP
Chief Medical Officer

Oklahoma City Office:

3300 N. Martin Luther King, Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Phone: 405-425-2307
Fax: 405-425-2911

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections Medical Services Unit is committed to providing clinically appropriate, medically necessary, professional, efficient, and humane medical and dental care for offender patients.

Medical Services provides medical and dental care for inmates in Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) facilities, work centers, contract facilities, and ODOC inmates in contract county jail beds. An electronic health record system is in use at all ODOC facilities, allowing current access to electronic documentation of all medical services and consults provided. Quality and access to care is strongly emphasized and is measured by periodic facility audits by central office performance improvement nurse managers and by a performance improvement committee composed of ODOC professional medical staff. ODOC clinical-quality outcomes routinely exceed community benchmarks. The American Correctional Association accredits all of the medical services units along with their facilities.

Generic and clinically-appropriate medications are prescribed. Medications are provided by an outside pharmacy vendor at low cost, resulting in efficient medication cost control. A pharmacy and therapeutics committee composed of ODOC clinicians and pharmacist monitors prescribing practices for cost efficiency and quality of care.

An internal ODOC utilization and review committee composed of ODOC physicians and staff monitors for efficient use of internal and external resources; including hospital days, emergency room visits, laboratory tests, and specialty care. All inmate patient deaths are reviewed internally by ODOC physicians’ mortality peer review and are also reviewed externally.

Employee Name Title Phone Number
Cheri Atkinson Medical Services Administrator 405-425-2909
Savanna Jones Administrative Specialist 405-425-2958
Paul Haines Chief Dental Officer 918-256-3392
Robin Murphy Director of Pharmacy Services 405-425-7389
Laura Newport
Administrative Assistant

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Last Modified on Jan 26, 2023
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