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Food Service Operations


Food Service Operations provides direction and support within ODOC for each facility's food service operation and maintains close working relationships with each facility's department head.

Administration and Contracts

Julie Thompson, RDN, LD, Administrator

440 S. Houston Ave., Suite 508
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127

Phone: (918) 327-8000

Carl Plante, Jr.Administrative Assistant                                       Phone: (918) 581-2113                                                                       

Quality Assurance

Kelli Davis, Nutritional Manager                                              Phone: (405) 208-3505

Region 1 (BJCC, JCCC, NFCC, OSR, ECCC)                                          Shawna CayotFood Service Quality Assurance Coordinator     Phone: (580) 231-4778

Region 2 (JHCC, LARC, MBCC, OCCCC, CWCCC, UCCCC, LCCC)      Stella EzughaFood Service Quality Assurance Coordinator    Phone: (405) 568-6973

Region 3 (DCCC, NOCC, EWCC, JDCC, JLCC)                                      Hollye JernigenFood Service Quality Assurance Coordinator  Phone: (918) 282-7757

Region 4 (MACC, OSP, JBCC, HMCC, JEHCC)                                    VacantFood Service Quality Assurance Coordinator     Phone: 


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Last Modified on Sep 30, 2021