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Chief of Operations


Justin Farris
Chief of Operations

3400 Martin Luther King Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Tanya Parker
Executive Assistant


Jeff McLaughlin
Administrator of Field Operations
Phone: 405-425-7074

Stephanie Burk
Division Support Coordinator

Property and Leases

Tammy Hise
Special Operations Manager/Lease Manager
Phone: 405-425-7068

The Chief of Operations oversees a broad swathe of ODOC functions and acts as a reviewer and adviser to the Director. The Chief of Operations is responsible for the day-to-day operations at all state facilities and security, which includes the Division of Institutions, who directs the agency’s 17 state-run facilities, classification and population, and sentence administration. The Chief of Operations also oversees the Director of Community Corrections, who directs Community Corrections, Probation & Parole Services, and contract services.

COO also oversees Fleet Management; Quartermaster; Property & Leases; Physical Security and Construction; Environmental Health & Safety & Maintenance.

Divison of Institutions
Community Corrections and Contract Services
Honor Guard
Environmental Health and Safety


Physical Security

Lester Neill
Chief Administrator of Physical Security
Phone: 405-425-7144

Tami Miner
Division Support Coordinator
Phone: 405-425-7574

Fleet Management

Vu Duong
Phone: 405-425-2592


Jami Bohon
Phone: 405-425-2647

Construction and Maintenance

Micah Hobson
Chief Administrator
Phone: 405-425-7362

Kristina Goad
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 405-425-7362

Physical Security

The Physical Security unit is responsible for installation and maintenance of all the different security systems the department uses to maintain the safety and security of all inmates, staff, and the public. These systems consist of the video surveillance systems, intrepid fences, key distribution devices, and management of security software. This unit also takes care of all network infrastructure the department uses for its pc systems to include both copper and fiber infrastructure.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management oversees all agency vehicles. The unit is responsible for the purchasing and surplusing of the vehicles, including maintaining insurance and license plates. Fleet Management also provides agency-wide oversight of the usage, assignment, service, and maintenance of all vehicles.


The Quartermaster coordinates the purchasing, fitting, and distribution of all correctional officer and support staff uniforms throughout the agency. The Quartermaster also serves as the quality and inventory control manager ensuring all correctional officers are properly outfitted.

Last Modified on Jun 14, 2022
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