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The Chief of Operations oversees a broad swathe of ODOC functions and acts as a reviewer and adviser to the Director. The Chief of Operations is responsible for the day-to-day operations at all state facilities and security, which includes the Division of Institutions, who directs the agency’s 16 state-run facilities, Classification and Population, and Sentence Administration.  The Chief of Operations also oversees the Director of Community Corrections, who directs Community Corrections, Probation & Parole Services, and Contract Services.  COO also oversees Construction; Environmental Health & Safety, Health Services, Staffing Analysis & Maintenance.


Jason Sparks
Chief of Operations

3400 Martin Luther King Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Jeff McLaughlin
Administrator of Field Operations
Phone: 405-425-7074

Jim Farris, Chief Administrator
Jeorld Braggs Jr., Administrator
Phone:  405-425-7008
Fax:       405-425-7317

Oklahoma Department of Corrections’ Division of Institutions oversees the operation of 16 minimum-, medium- and maximum-security state facilities, including the state’s male and female assessment and reception centers. The division also includes Classification and Population, Sentence Administration, Offender Records and Registries. The division’s chief administrator reports directly to the agency’s Chief of Operations.

James Rudek, Chief Administrator,
Community Corrections / Contract Services

Tamala Petros
Administrative Assistant
Phone:  405-425-2679

Phone:  405-425-2679
Fax:       405-425-3654

Natalie Cooper, Administrator,
Community Corrections / Contract Services

Elizabeth Robinson
Phone:  405-425-2696

3400 Martin Luther King Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK  73111

The Chief Administrator of Community Corrections and Contract Services oversees all units and operations related to community corrections centers and community supervision, including Probation & Parole Services.

Because more offenders are under supervision than incarceration, these functions are a major component of Oklahoma Department of Corrections’ operations. This also makes ODOC unique among its peers nationwide, as most departments of corrections do not also oversee probation and parole services.

Additionally, the Chief Administrator of Community Corrections and Contract Services oversees contracts with vendors to operate two private prisons and one halfway house, as well as the staff who monitor these facilities to ensure strict contract compliance. Other division responsibilities include managing all Prisoner Public Works Program, county jail and Community Sentencing contracts.

Environmental Health and Safety within ODOC provides training, consultation and accident investigation expertise to agency personnel and contractors.

Todd Bourland, Administrator

440 S. Houston Ave., Suite 508
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127

Phone: 918-581-2836

Brett Traylor, Safety Coordinator
Phone: 405-626-7049

Chuck Nelms, Workplace Safety Manager
Phone: 405-618-8824

Lester Neill
Chief Administrator of Physical Security
Phone: 405-425-7144

The Physical Security unit is responsible for installation and maintenance of all the different security systems the department uses to maintain the safety and security of all inmates, staff, and the public. These systems consist of the video surveillance systems, intrepid fences, key distribution devices, and management of security software. This unit also takes care of all network infrastructure the department uses for its pc systems to include both copper and fiber infrastructure.

With its practiced discipline and precision, ODOC’s Honor Guard represents the pinnacle of the agency’s corrections professionals. Its members come from all corners of the agency and proudly serve their communities, Oklahoma and the country, paying tribute to law enforcement and those fallen in the line of duty.

One of the nation’s only all-volunteer honor guards, the team represents Oklahoma during corrections and law enforcement national memorial weeks.

Its members also represent the agency during memorial services for its staff and other law enforcement groups. They can also be seen marching in local parades and similar events, or presenting the colors during opening ceremonies for formal and sporting events.

ODOC’s Honor Guard is also a regular qualifier for the National Honor Guard Exhibition and Tribute during Police Week each year in Washington D.C.

For more information, please contact:
David Edelman
Office:  405-425-2189
Cell:     405-517-9160

Last Modified on May 24, 2023
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