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The mission of the Agri-Services division is to produce, purchase, and provide food items needed to meet master menu requirements, efficiently manage agency-owned land resources, and provide meaningful employment to inmate workers.

Agri-Services manages beef cattle on farms located within facilities across the state that encompass more than 19,000 acres. In addition, Agri-Services manages a meat processing center, a food processing plant, a dairy/milk processing facility, and two food distribution warehouses. These production facilities provide a wide variety of food items for inmate consumption. Primary income generators for the Agri-Services division include the sales of livestock, meat, milk, canned and frozen foods, fresh vegetables, small grains, pecans, firewood, and leather goods.


Jeff Vaughan
Chief Administrator

3402 Martin Luther King Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK  73111

Phone: (405) 425-7548
Fax: (405) 425-2193

Kim Sharp


Agri-Services Map
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Inmates working in fields located at Howard McLeod Correctional Center in Atoka, Oklahoma.

Inmates working cattle at the Howard McLeod Correctional Center located in Atoka, Oklahoma.

Last Modified on Dec 15, 2021
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