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Offender Banking System

Depositing Money

How can I send money to someone in prison?

Deposits to inmate trust fund accounts may be made using JPay.  Deposits may be sent online from There is a free JPay mobile app for Android and iPhones. Deposits may be made thru JPay over the phone by calling 1-800-574-5729. Cash may be sent thru MoneyGram locations, including CVS and Walmart by using the receive code 6365 in addition to the inmates 7 digit ODOC number. A money order or cashier’s check may be mailed to JPay.

When using JPay or the Securus phone system, the entire 7 digit ODOC number must be given. All inmates have a zero or two in front of their ODOC number to make 7 digits.

How can I make sure the correct inmate receives the money I send?

To ensure the inmate receives the deposit, please write legibly on the memo line of the cashier's check or money order the following:

  • The inmate’s name,
  • 7 Digit DOC number
  • Sender’s name.

Who should I make the money order or cashier's check out to?

Make the actual money order or cashier's check out to JPay.

What happens if I fail to include all information?

Failure to include all information will result in the money order or cashier's check being returned to the sender.

Is there any additional information I need to attach?

Yes. You will need to attach a fully completed deposit slip (JPay) to the cashier’s check or money order.  These deposit slips should not be stapled to the funds but attached by paper clip.  

Where can I find a deposit slip?

You can download a printable deposit slip under JPay.

How can I send money to someone housed in a private prison?

Inmates who are housed in private prisons are not included in the JPay program; you will need to follow procedures as dictated by those facilities.

JPay - Send money online, with your credit or debit card.

JPay Mobile - Send money anytime, anywhere by downloading the free app

800-574-5729 - Speak with a live agent, 24/7

Cash with - At locations including CVS and Walmart (receive code 6365)  

Money orders - Payable to JPay at: P.O. Box 278320, Miramar, FL 33027

Money Transfer Fees

Deposit amount
online phone
$0.01 - $20.00
$3.95 $4.95
$20.01 - $100.00
$6.95 $7.95
$100.01 - $200.00
$8.95 $9.95
$200.01 - $300.00
$10.95 $11.95


For more information - 800.574-5729

Last Modified on Jun 22, 2022
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