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Business Services


Business Services is responsible for collecting, interpreting, and maintaining financial information while protecting the financial integrity and assets of the agency in a changing regulatory and technological environment.

Responsibilities include recording accounts, paying bills, billing, tracking assets and expenditures, managing payroll and keeping track of critical tax documents.

Administration and Contacts

Ashlee Clemmons, Chief Financial Officer

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 11400
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0400

Physical Address:
3400 N. Martin Luther King Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73111-4298

(405) 425-2776

Antwonette Kimble, Comptroller

Chris Kennedy, Comptroller

Transactions Accounting

Toni Halferty, Comptroller

Budget and Planning

Leon Wilson, Comptroller 

Offender Banking

Janet Bolton, Comptroller
Industries, Medical, & Grants

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The Business Services division includes the following departments:


Provides the agency with an efficient and professional financial service while ensuring the safety and security of all staff and offenders is maintained at all times through the appropriate and legal purchasing processes. Ensures all accounting functions are carried out in the most resourceful and cost-saving manner by reducing overlapping duties and utilizing all available technology.

Transactions Accounting

Provides accounts payable services to the agency. Payments for all invoices flow through the unit in the form of regular voucher entry or management and payment of the agency’s purchase card program.

Budget and Planning

Facilitates the preparation and submission of the agency budget request, budget work program, budget revisions, capital outlay requests, and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

Offender Banking

Manages restitution accounting, trust fund, and canteen operations. Restitution accounting collects probation and parole supervision fees and victims’ restitution payments based on statutory requirements and distributes those collections to the appropriate entities.

The trust fund is comprised of an available balance, a mandatory savings account and an interest bearing savings account. Inmate accounts are limited to holding $99,999,999.99.

For more information on depositing funds in an inmate’s account, please click here or call 405-425-2786.

The canteen operations for the ODOC are managed using the offender banking system. Since it is integrated with the trust fund, if the funds are in the inmate’s account, they can spend the funds, within limits, at the facility’s canteen.

The Business Services division is also responsible for the following financial areas:

Grants Administration

Manages overall grant efforts for the agency, optimizing the grant administration process.

Oklahoma Correctional Industries (OCI)/Agri-Services

Manages and maintains financial information for the OCI/Agri-Services Divisions Income Producing Operations. 

Medical Services and Grants

Responsible for the financial management of Health Services, Health Services Administration, Programs and Services units’ budgets and the grant awards made to the agency. The unit processes purchase requests, prepares transmittals for payment, monitors contracts, assists with grant applications, submits grant financial reports and prepares other financial reports for the units as needed.

For more information about medical contacts for ODOC-ready inmates in the county jail system, please see Judgment and Sentence Packet Information.

Last Modified on Jul 13, 2021
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