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Off-duty correctional officers help corral dangerous fugitive

Thursday, March 21, 2019

HEAVENER, Okla -- Authorities are calling 30 year old Travis Lee Davis a criminal “Houdini” after a bold escape from the Pettis County Jail in Missouri last weekend. The dangerous fugitive hadn’t been seen until Wednesday morning in southeast Oklahoma.

Four ODOC correctional officers from Jim. E. Hamilton had just gotten off work and were about to enjoy breakfast at the Choctaw Travel Plaza. That’s when a woman approached them, pleading to use a cell phone. According to Cpl. Bruce Terry, “Her state of mind was where she was kidnapped. She was taken. She was held hostage all the way to Heavener. Her state of mind was, she was really scared.” Cpl. Trevor Fox added, ”Her dad was telling me he was an escaped convict out of Missouri and that he had kidnapped her and held her at gunpoint.”

Davis was sleeping outside. The correctional officers surrounded the car and waited on Heavener police.

When officers arrived, Davis bolted across the parking lot. According to correctional officer, Kalen Brown, ”I got trained at the DOC. We immediately took off. I took off first. I was right on his tail the whole time.”

They tackled him near the train tracks and piled on. Correctional officer Justice Caldwell said, “We had 1000 pounds on top of him. Very big officers on top of him.”

Police cuffed him and placed the suspect in the back of the patrol car. As officers were taking statements, their fugitive shimmied through the partition and into the driver’s seat. According to Brown, “She told us that he just stole a cop car. They hauled out of the building. And immediately took after him.”

The suspect crashed the car two miles down the road and disappeared. Investigators theorize he hopped on a freight train headed out of town.

Before his escape, Travis Lee Davis had been charged with kidnapping, domestic assault, child endangerment, resisting arrest and violating the terms of his parole.

When he’s eventually captured, he’ll face a mountain of additional felonies here in Heavener.

The woman is safe and being questioned, because 4 off duty correctional officers used their DOC training to take down the bad guy.

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