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ODOC #FugitiveFriday: Gary W. Stapp

Friday, May 17, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY – Gary W. Stapp never returned to Carver Transitional Center after he left for work on May 2. 

Stapp, 50, was serving multiple Oklahoma County sentences for second-degree burglary. He has criminal convictions for drug possession, possession of stolen property, car theft, forgery, burglary and others stretching back to 1987. 

Stapp is described as white, 6-feet tall, weighing about 200 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He has used numerous aliases including Gary Stouts, Gary Rhoads, Troy McCoy and Nikki Rhoads. 

He has more than a dozen tattoos, including a wizard and dogs on his left arm, as well as a swastika on his right leg, and an eagle, devil, skulls, horse head, naked woman and faces on his right arm.

The public should not approach Stapp or attempt to apprehend him. Anyone with information can call our escapee hotline at 866-363-1119 or email

All calls and emails are confidential.

Gary W Stapp, Carvery Transitional Center Walkaway

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