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Prank Phone Call Leads to Arrest of a top 15 Fugitive - Wesley Ross back in custody after more than a year on the run

Thursday, December 08, 2016

TULSA – Fugitive apprehension agents with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (DOC) Office of the Inspector General arrested Wesley Ross on Wednesday, only a week after being added to the agency’s Top 15 Fugitive list.

Intelligence gathered on Ross made it known he was looking for a labor job paying cash. An agent with the DOC Inspector General’s office began communicating with Ross late last week, telling him he was his new parole officer. 

The agent, posing as the parole officer, informed Ross he found a cash paying job for him to work. The agent left the number of a second agent acting as the potential employer.

On Tuesday, Ross made the call asking for work. The second agent, posing as the employer, told him the job started immediately at a downtown Tulsa construction site. The agent directed Ross to an abandoned building downtown. 

When Ross showed up, fugitive apprehension agents were waiting and he was taken into custody without incident.

The U.S. Marshal Service provided assistance in the arrest. 

Complimenting the ploy, Corrections Director Joe M. Allbaugh said taking a dangerous criminal off the streets is a victory for the department and for the safety of Oklahomans.

“The tactics and resources used by the agents show determination and willingness to think outside the box,” Allbaugh said. “These are the characteristics an individual needs when tracking dangerous criminals to get them off the street and back into custody. I appreciate their efforts to apprehend criminals who leave custody in creative and innovative ways.”

Ross was a parole absconder, who was last seen by his parole officer in Nov. 2015. He was out on probation after serving time for possession of a firearm. He had previous convictions for assault and battery.  

Ross was placed on the Top 15 Fugitive list for his history of violence, a recent report of domestic violence with his girlfriend and his connections to the Bloods street gang.

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If any information about any fugitives on this list is available, authorities ask individuals to call local law enforcement, the DOC fugitive warrants division at (405) 425-2570 or submit an email with information to

All information obtained via phone or email is kept strictly confidential. 

Apprehended: Wesley Ross is back in custody after being on the run for more than a year.

DOC Top 15 Fugitive arrested in Tulsa on Tuesday.DOC Top 15 Fugitive arrested in Tulsa on Tuesday.

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