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Oklahoma State Penitentiary


Jim Farris, Warden 


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 97
McAlester, OK 74502-0097

Physical Address
1301 N. West St.
McAlester, OK 74502-0097

(918) 423-4700

(918) 423-3862  



Facility Type
Male Maximum Security

Facility Overview

Oklahoma State Penitentiary is a male maximum-security prison in McAlester. The facility has five housing units - one for death row inmates, two for medium-security inmates and two for general population.

Built in 1908, OSP is the oldest prison in Oklahoma. Its first structure included temporary housing for the inmates who were building the facility, the first of whom arrived in 1909.

The first buildings were the West Cellhouse and Administration Building. A rotunda and East Cellhouse were built later, as well as F Cellhouse. A Special Care Unit opened in 1992.



Most inmates lack education, a key component in avoiding re-incarceration. OSP offers literacy courses as well as Pre-High School Equivalency and High School Equivalency diplomas.

Criminal Thinking

OSP offers Thinking for a Change, Moral Reconation Therapy, and Associates 4 Success programs to address thinking, judgment errors, and relationships linked with criminal thinking/behavior.

Specialized Units

OSP is home to Oklahoma’s death row unit for male inmates.

It features a 24-7 infirmary, which provides medical care for inmates who need intensive monitoring and treatment.

OSP also offers the Step-Down Program for newly arrived, maximum-security inmates who would like to earn their way to a lower security level. Its programming addresses criminal thinking and encourages pro-social behaviors.

Contacting Inmates


Inmates can receive mail at any time. Include their name, DOC number and housing assignment if known in the address.

Example: OSP
                 Inmate’s name, number and housing assignment (if known)
                 P.O. Box 97
                 McAlester, OK 74502-0097


Visitation hours vary by each facility, but an inmate's security level dictates how many hours he or she may visit with approved visitors.


All visitors are processed at the Unit H entrance. Parking is just outside Unit H in the west parking lot.

Weekly Visitation is Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

A Unit Death Row inmates visitation is on Fridays.
A Unit General Population Inmates visitation is on Saturdays.
C Unit Inmates visitation is on Sundays.
D and E Unit Inmates Visitation is on Saturdays and Sundays.

One Day Holidays
Medium Security D and E units – All Day
Maximum Security A Unit – 8am to 12 pm
Maximum Security A Unit – 8am – 12 pm

Two Day Holidays
Medium Security D and E units – All Day
Maximum Security A Unit – All Day on the First Day
Maximum Security A Unit – All Day on the second Day
H Unit Visitation remains Friday through Sunday 8am – 4pm non contact, which is only for inmates approved for visitation.

Visitation Period

Inmates may not return to the visiting room for an additional visit once they have completed their visits and returned to their unit. Their visitation time will be over until the next period the following week. 

Visits with Attorneys of Record

Each inmate will be allowed the same general visiting privileges with his attorney subject to Section III, items A and C of this policy. Attorneys are encouraged to visit their clients during normal visiting hours. With advance notice, attorneys may visit during non-visiting hours.

Special / Extended Visits

Special visits will be allowed for instances including visits from persons who have come long distances, volunteers or team members identified by staff who have partnered with ODOC in re-entry services when the visit will aid in the re-entry process, visits to hospitalized inmates, visits in disciplinary status (attorney visits/clergy only), and visits between clergy and social service agency representatives, etc. 

Ministers / Religious Leaders

Special visits for ministers/religious leaders as defined in OP-030112 entitled “Religious Programs” are to be professional and are provided for inmates with whom the minister/religious leader has a ministerial relationship. All special minister/religious leader special visits will be scheduled in advance (unless an emergency exists) through the facility or unit head. 

Special Visit Length and Conditions

Length and conditions of special visits will be determined by the Warden. Special visits for terminally ill inmates will be in accordance with OP-140146 “Palliative Care Program."

Such visitors will be subject to a National Crime Information Center check when requested by the Warden or Deputy Warden. Only the Warden or Deputy Warden will have the authority to approve special visits. Special visit requests must be completed before weekend or holiday visits. Special visits will count towards the total number of visits.

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