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Northeast Oklahoma Community Corrections Center


Warden:  Derrick Yazel

Physical Address:  442586 E. 250 Road, Vinita, OK 74301

Phone:   918-256-3392  |  918-256-4422

Fax:  918-256-2108  

Male Community Corrections Center - Opened 1994

Northeast Oklahoma Community Corrections Center (NOCCC) is a community corrections center for adult male inmates. The facility is located in Vinita on the grounds formerly known as Eastern State Hospital.

A trusty unit was established to provide institutional support to the hospital in 1980. The relationship between the Department of Corrections and the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services at Eastern State Hospital began in 1985 with the establishment of the Treatment Alternatives for Drinking Drivers (TADD) program.

In 1987, the Department of Corrections’ Agri-Services Unit began leasing the farmland at Eastern State Hospital. After several years of this expanding relationship, the legislature passed laws in 1994 transferring three large buildings at Eastern State Hospital to the Department of Corrections for use as prison bed space.

In December 1994, the first inmates were transferred to the newly established facility.

Subsequently, a new 264-bed housing unit, a dining/kitchen facility, Central Control, and the warehouse/maintenance building were constructed. A portion of the inmate population still provides institutional maintenance and support functions for both the Oklahoma Forensic Center and NOCC.

Today, NOCCC houses more than 500 inmates.


Many inmates lack education, a key component in avoiding re-incarceration. NOCCC offers literacy courses as well as Pre-High School Equivalency and High School Equivalency diplomas.

Substance Abuse Treatement

For those inmates who need substance abuse treatment, NOCCC teaches them ways to avoid drug and alcohol use, while also helping them develop cognitive, social, emotional, and coping skills needed to avoid using.

Criminal Thinking

NOCCC offers Thinking for a Change, Moral Reconation Therapy, and Associates 4 Success programs to address thinking, judgment errors, and relationships linked with criminal thinking/behavior.

Visitation hours vary by each facility, but an inmate's security level dictates how many hours he may visit with approved visitors.

Inmates may visit Saturday, Sunday and state-recognized holidays.

Important Note: All inmate visitors must submit a “Visitor Request Form." You can find a copy of it here.Background checks will be completed on everyone over 18 or older. The inmate will notify you when the process is complete. The approval process takes approximately 8 weeks once the Visitor Request Form has been returned to NOCCC.

General population inmates may visit up to eight hours each week depending on their level, from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Level I
One hour non-contact per week with individuals on inmate's approved visiting list.

Level II
Up to four hours per week

Level III

Up to six hours per week

Level IV
Up to eight hours per week

State-recognized holidays that fall on Monday through Friday are “free” visiting day. An inmate's level will dictate the number of hours an inmate may visit on the free visiting day.

Holidays are free visitation days. Visits on those days do not count against an inmate's total number of hours allowed. If a holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, those hours will count toward inmates' total visiting privilege level hours.

Segregation Housing Inmates

NOCCC segregation housing unit inmates are allowed a one-hour non-contact visit per week with only their mother, father, spouse, legal representative and clergy.

These visiting privileges unless the warden/designee has determined there are substantial reasons for withholding privileges.

Visitation Violations

Violating these rules and others may result in loss of visitation privileges on the first offense based on the seriousness of the violation:

  • Escape (aiding and abetting)
  • Introduction of weapons(s)
  • Introduction of cellular phones/accessories/electronic devices
  • Tobacco, tobacco products, drugs or alcohol (illegal)
  • Assaults (staff/visitors/inmates; verbal and/or physical)

Inmates can receive mail at any time. Include their name, DOC number and housing assignment if known with their address.

Example: NOCCC
                 Inmate’s name, number and housing assignment
                 442586 E. 250 Road
                 Vinita, OK 74301