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Charles E. "Bill" Johnson Correctional Center


Warden: Becky Guffy

Address:  1856 E. Flynn Street, Alva, OK 73717-3005 

Phone  580-327-8000

Fax  580-327-8018

Male Minimum Security - Opened 1995

Facility Overview

Charles E. “Bill” Johnson Correctional Center (BJCC) is a substance abuse/mental health treatment facility for men located in Alva. The minimum-security facility has a capacity of 584 inmates, most of whom are serving time for drug-related offenses.

BJCC, which opened in 1995, is named for Charles E. “Bill” Johnson. Johnson at the time was a state leader in establishing a facility that specialized in rehabilitating drug offenders. Johnson helped create a 300-bed Drug Offender Work Camp called the Regimented Treatment Program (RTP), which still operates at BJCC today.


Most inmates lack education, a key component in avoiding re-incarceration. BJCC offers literacy courses, as well as Pre-High School Equivalency and High School Equivalency diplomas.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Nearly all state inmates have some form of substance abuse problem, and for many, that problem is closely related to their criminal behavior. To counteract this, BJCC's programming teaches inmates ways to avoid relapse and helps them develop cognitive, social, emotional and coping skills.

Criminal Thinking

BJCC offers Thinking for a Change, Moral Reconation Therapy, and Associates 4 Success programs to address thinking, judgment errors and negative relationships linked with criminal thinking and behavior.

Regimented Treatment Program

With nearly 350 inmates, BJCC’s Regimented Treatment Program combines physical training with cognitive behavioral treatment. In addition to receiving substance abuse treatment, they learn self-discipline, and must show initiative, motivation and improved behavior to graduate.

Other units include the Delayed Sentencing Program for about 110 18-22-year-olds meeting statute-defined criteria, and the Intermediate Revocation Program – short-term incarceration for certain kinds of probation violators.


Visitation hours vary by each facility. An inmate's security level dictates how many hours he or she may visit with approved visitors.

All visitation at BJCC is by appointment only.  The inmate will notify you of the scheduled date and time of visitation.

Visiting during an inmate's first 30 days at BJCC (without a background check) is limited to two immediate family members older than 18. The inmate will contact you with the time and other information for the non-contact visit.

For questions about visitation, please call contact the facility at 580-327-8000.

Important Note:All inmate visitors must submit a “Visitor Request Form." You can download a copy here, or request one from the facility.Background checks will be completed on everyone 18 or older. The inmate will notify you when the process is complete. The approval process takes approximately 8 weeks once the Visitor Request Form has been returned to BJCC.

Inmates can receive mail at any time. Include their name, DOC number and housing assignment if known in the address.


Inmate’s name, number and housing assignment (if known)
1856 E. Flynn St.
Alva, OK 73717