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Compliance with 74 OS 3106.4

A. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections Administrative Rules are in Title 170 and can be found here.

B. Any Oklahoma Department of Corrections proposed administrative rules can be found by
searching the Office of Administrative Rules register here.

C. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections operates in accordance with state statute. The
following statutes directly impact our agency and its operations:
     a. Title 57. Prisons and Reformatories
     b. Title 74. State Government

D. The following statutes are useful for those interacting with our agency:
     a. Title 21. Crimes and Punishments
     b. Title 22. Criminal Procedure
     c. Title 63. Public Health and Safety
     d. Title 10A. Children and Juvenile Code

E. The Department of Corrections collects personally identifiable data, stored encrypted at rest.
     a. Data collected includes inmate information such as name, aliases, date of birth, social
     security number, driver’s license number, Department of Corrections number,
     sentencing information, medical information, educational information, and financial
     b. This information is stored encrypted at rest.
     c. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections shares necessary inmate information with
     other State agencies includes the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and
     Substance Abuse Services, the Oklahoma State Department of Health, the Oklahoma
     Office of Juvenile Affairs, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, the Oklahoma
     Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, the District Courts, and the Internal Revenue
     Service. Information that is shared is encrypted in transit.
     d. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections provides the following inmate information
     available to download on its website:
          i. Inmate Profile Data including: first, middle, and last name; suffix; current
          facility; last transfer date; birth date; sex; race; hair color; height; weight; and
          eye color.
          ii. Inmate Sentence Data including: Department of Corrections number; sentence
          identification number; statute code; sentencing county; the date of the
          judgment and sentence; the CRF number; the term of incarceration; the term of
          probation; the description of the crime; and whether that crime is listed as
          violent in Title 57 Section 571.



Last Modified on Jan 04, 2023