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Core Benefits

Health/Dental Insurance
Depending on geographic location, several plans may be available. The cost of each plan varies according to the provider.

Basic Life Insurance 
Includes a $20,000 life insurance policy. If the employee's death is a result of an accident, that amount will double to $40,000. Additional coverage is available at extra cost.

Disability Insurance
Short and long-term disability is provided to employees when off work due to a qualifying event. Disability coverage pays 60 percent of the employee's salary up to a maximum dollar amount.

Employees are allotted a specific amount each month above their base salary rate to "purchase" core benefits. The benefit allowance is higher for employees who also have dependent coverage. 

If the cost of the Employee's selections total less than the monthly allotment, the remaining money is included as taxable income in the employee's take-home pay. If the selections total more than the benefit allowance, the employee must pay the difference.

Annual Leave

Annual leave is accrued based upon years of continuous service and is utilized for vacations, personal business, and time off not covered by other paid or holiday provisions.

Accumulation Schedule

Years of cumulative service
accrual rate per year
accrual limit
Less than 5 years
15 days per year
30 days
5 through 9 years
18 days per year
60 days
10 through 19 years
20 days per year
60 days
20 years and over
25 days per year
60 days


Sick Leave

Sick leave is to be used when an employee is unable to work due to illness or injury, or for medical, dental, or optical examinations or treatment. Full-time employees accrue 15 days per year. There is no accumulation limit.

Family Medical Leave

Employees with at least 12 months of service who have worked at least 1,250 hours in the preceding 12 months may take family leave, not to exceed 12 weeks in a 12 month period for qualifying events. Family leave is deducted from existing leave balances or may be taken as leave without pay.

Leave Sharing

Permanent employees with more than 12 months of service who have exhausted accrued sick and annual leave and are absent from work because they suffer from, or have a relative or household member who suffers from, a serious, extreme, or life threatening illness or injury, and who are eligible for family leave, are eligible to receive annual or sick leave donated by state employees.

Military Leave

Employees are eligible for paid military leave for a period of 30 days per federal fiscal year when ordered to military duty or service.

Organizational Leave

Qualifying employees are entitled to take leave with pay up to three days a year to attend meetings of job-related professional organizations of which they are a member.

An additional benefit the state offers to eligible full-time employees is longevity pay, based on the employee’s years of service. The full amount below is payable in one lump sum annual payment:

2-3 years of service = $250
4-5 years of service = $426
6-7 years of service = $626
8-9 years of service = $850
10-11 years of service = $1,062
12-13 years of service = $1,250
14-15 years of service = $1,500
16-17 years of service = $1,688
18-19 years of service = $1,900
20-21 years of service = $2,000

Each additional two years, add $200

Premium Conversion 
Employees may elect to pay for qualifying mandatory and optional coverage before taxes are deducted, lowering their taxable income. 

Reimbursement Accounts 
Employees may set aside money from their paycheck before it has been taxed to pay for planned expenses, such as medical deductibles and child care expenses.


All employees, other than temporary, are provided pre-service and ongoing in-service training.  The department's training professionals deliver both pre-service and in-service training and staff development programs which prepare employees for the responsibilities of their new positions, to acquire the skills and knowledge required for excellence and career advancement, and to assume leadership positions in the department.

Voluntary Payroll Deductions
Payroll deductions are available for all employees to a variety of insurance organizations and unions/associations. Check with your personnel representative for the latest listing.

Charitable Contributions  
All employees, other than temporary employees, can contribute through payroll deductions to a variety of fully accountable private nonprofit, social, health, and welfare charitable organizations.

Final Paycheck
All wages owed to the employee will be paid to the designated beneficiary. If a beneficiary for wages has not been named, the final wages, not to exceed $3,000, will be paid to any surviving spouse, or if no surviving spouse, to any dependent children or their guardians in equal shares. Any final wages more than $3,000 will be distributed after any legal action (40 O.S. § 165.3a).

Health Insurance 
All coverage in effect at the time of the employee’s death will remain in effect through the end of the month in which the employee passed away. COBRA benefits are available for all eligible dependents; details will be sent to the surviving dependents within 45 days.  Additional questions may be directed to the Employees Group Insurance Division (EGID) toll-free at 1-800-752-9475.

Life Insurance  
A death claim form will be mailed to the named beneficiary(ies) by OSEEGIB. Once OSEEGIB receives the certified death certificate and the completed death claim form, the life insurance claim will be forwarded to EDS Administrative Services for processing. To check the status of the claim, you may contact EDS Administrative Services, toll-free at 1-800-782-5218.

Notification of an employee death is sent from the central Personnel Benefits Unit to Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS). Beneficiary(ies) will receive an information packet from OPERS. The packet should provide answers to the most commonly asked questions. Additional questions may be directed to OPERS toll free at 1-800-733-9008.

Deferred Compensation  
Notification of an employee death is sent from the central Personnel Benefits Unit to SoonerSave. If the deceased employee participated in the SoonerSave program, the named beneficiary(ies) will be contacted by SoonerSave. Inquiries may be directed to SoonerSave, toll-free at 1-800-733-9008.

Final Longevity Payment  
The proportionate share of any longevity payment which may have accrued as of the date of death of an eligible employee shall be made to the designated beneficiary or the surviving spouse. (74 OS Section 840-2.18).

Last Modified on Feb 18, 2023
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