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BOC Agenda for August 14, 2019

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The next regular meeting of the Board of Corrections will be held at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Updated on 8/8/2019 8:07 AM

Call to Order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call
Steven Harpe, Chair
Approval of Board of Corrections Regular Meeting Minutes for June 12, 2019
Steven Harpe, Chair
Introduction of Lynn Haueter, Board of Corrections Member
Steven Harpe, Chair
Consideration and Approval of Committee Structure

  • A. Alignment of the Technology function under the Audit and Finance Committee
  • B. Standing Committees:
    • i. Executive
    • ii. Audit/Finance (with a technology focus)
    • iii. Population/Private Prisons
    • iv. Public Policy/Affairs
    • v. Criminal Justice
Steven Harpe, Chair
Consideration and Approval of Executive Committee Structure
  • A. Modify current structure to be:
    • i. Board of Corrections Chair
    • ii. Audit/Finance Chair
    • iii. Population/Private Prisons Chair
    • iv. Public Policy/Affairs Chair
    • v. Criminal Justice Chair
Steven Harpe, Chair
Announcement of Committee Membership Assignments
Steven Harpe, Chair
Interim Directors Comments
  • A. ODOC Operational Overview
  • B. ODOC Technology Review
  • C. Discussion and Approval to Initiate ODOC Information Technology Risk Assessment
Pursuant to 61 O.S. § 130, the chief administrative officer of a public agency with a governing body shall notify the governing body within ten (10) days of the declaration of an emergency if the governing body did not approve the emergency. The notification shall contain a statement of the reasons for the action, and shall be recorded in the official minutes of the governing body.
  • D. Notification of emergency purchase to repair emergency generators after an electrical surge at the William Key Correctional Center on June 16, 2019
  • E. Notification of emergency purchase to repair dike failure at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary on July 3, 2019
Scott Crow, Interim Director
 Overview of Healthcare Services Staffing and Wages
Clint Castleberry, Director, Health Services
Overview of Program Services Management and Available Programs within ODOC Facilities
Nate Brown, Director, Program Services
Budget Overview
Ashlee Clemmons, Director, Business Services
New Business
Steven Harpe, Chair
Steven Harpe, Chair
Approval to Enter into Executive Session
Pursuant to 25 O.S. § 307(B)(9), discussing matters involving safety and security at state penal institutions or correctional facilities used to house state inmates.
  • A. Discussion of security strategies being used and considered by the agency in combatting the introduction of contraband and escapes at penal institutions
Pursuant to 25 O.S. § 307(B)(4), the Board of Corrections may have confidential communications with its attorney concerning a pending investigation, claim, or action if the Board of Corrections, with the advice of its attorney, determines that disclosure will seriously impair the ability of the Board of Corrections to process the claim or conduct a pending investigation, litigation, or proceeding in the public interest.

  • B. Homicide of inmate Rosco Craig #737554 at the Davis Correctional Facility on June 24, 2019 (case number IG 19-0144)
David Cincotta, General Counsel
Approval to Return from Executive Session
David Cincotta, General Counsel
Steven Harpe, Chair
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