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Clinical Information

Find information for COVID-19 vaccination administration, storage and handing, reporting, and patient education for each specific vaccine.

Proper vaccine administration is critical to ensure that vaccination is safe and effective. CDC recommends that all healthcare personnel who administer vaccines receive comprehensive, competency-based training on vaccine administration and policies and procedures BEFORE administering vaccines.

General Vaccine Administration Guidance (CDC)

This module provides a step-by-step guide on proper vaccine administration.

  • Review Immunization History
  • Assess for Needed Immunizations
  • Screen for Contraindications and Precautions
  • Educate the Parent or Patient
  • Prepare the Vaccine (s)
  • Administer the Vaccine(s), Document the Vaccination(s)
  • Guidance for Planning Vaccination Clinics
  • CDC Off Site Vaccination Clinic Checklist

Educating Patients about COVID-19 Vaccines

This is a quick references for COVID-19 vaccinators to give people who want more information.

  • Talking to your patients about COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Answering vaccine recipient questions
  • Myths and facts about COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Benefits of getting the COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Possible side effects of after getting COVID-19 Vaccine

Managing Vaccine Reactions in Adults

Administering any medication, including vaccines, has the potential to cause an adverse reaction. This document describes steps to take if an adverse reaction occurs following vaccination.

Other resources on vaccine reactions and adverse events:

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