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Thursday, April 07, 2022
  • We are concerned that there may be misunderstanding of last month’s change to OSDH’s weekly reporting of new COVID cases. The change, simply put, was to report cases based on the date the specimen was collected (i.e. the date that the patient was actually tested) rather than the date that the test result became available to OSDH (the report date). See below for full statement.
  • As of this advisory, there are 1,035,300 total cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma.
  • 65 is today's 7-day rolling average for the number of new cases reported.
  • Provisional Death Count (CDC/NCHS): 15,640
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  • In today's Situation Update, we are including a link to two hospital capacity reports, one outlining the number and percent of Unoccupied Adult ICU beds by region, and the other the number and percent of Unoccupied Adult Inpatient Beds by region. We want to emphasize this is a point in time count reported by hospitals to HHS. Hospital capacity numbers change on an hourly basis depending upon admissions and discharges. This data is self-reported by hospitals. Data are subject to change as facilities enter and/or update their responses. This document will be updated on our website daily Monday-Friday to align with the release of the Situation Update.
  • The weekly Oklahoma COVID-19 Epidemiology & Surveillance Report for March 20-26, 2022 is now available.
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  • Weekly Epidemiology & Surveillance Reports from weeks past can be found here.
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COVID-19 Oklahoma Test Results
New Cases 7 Day Average 65
New Cases Week of 3/20/22 - 3/26/22 452
Active Cases
Total Cases  1,035,300
Provisional Death Count (CDC/NHS) 
Acute Care OSDH Licensed 

Recent 3 day Ave. Hospitalizations
Cases (ICU)
Region 1 (NW) 0 (0)
Region 2 (NE) 6 (0)
Region 3 (SW) 9 (3)
Region 4 (EC) 5 (1)
Region 5 (SE) 0 (0)
Region 6 (Central) 7 (0)
Region 7 (Tulsa) 24 (12)
Region 8 (OKC) 54 (5)
Total  105* (21) 
Other Types of Facilities
Focus Facilities 4 (1)
Rehabilitation Facilities 3 (0)
Tribal Facilities 1 (1)
Other Facilities Total 8 (2)

*Includes 25 hospitalizations in pediatric beds.

**The total includes laboratory information provided to OSDH at the time of the report. Total counts may not reflect unique individuals.

The purpose of publishing aggregated statistical COVID-19 data through the OSDH Dashboard, the Executive Order Report, and the Weekly Epidemiology and Surveillance Report is to support the needs of the general public in receiving important and necessary information regarding the state of the health and safety of the citizens of Oklahoma. These resources may be used only for statistical purposes and may not be used in any way that would determine the identity of any reported cases.

Data Source: Acute Disease Service, Oklahoma State Department of Health.
*As of 2022-04-07 at 7:00 a.m.

Detailed case statistics are published on the website. Click here for more information.

Weekly Epi Report Statement Continued

Previously, the daily case count number reflected both old and new cases as they were reported by laboratories across the state. This made the number of cases reported each day dependent on factors beyond the control of OSDH (such as staffing issues at the source lab, or even weather) that may cause delays in getting the results to OSDH. While these outdated results are important to understanding community trends and the full pandemic picture, data show that reporting them as current results would be misleading to Oklahomans about the current state of the pandemic, which is the primary objective of the weekly reporting.

Even though we have made some changes in reporting, the older, delayed cases have not been lost. We continue to share the cumulative COVID case count in several places, and the delayed cases appear on the appropriate dates in those reports and charts. The cumulative case count is reported on the dashboard, in the weekly epi and surveillance report, in the situation update, and on OK2SHARE, as every case reported (timely or greatly delayed) is important.

Rest assured that we are accounting for all cases that are reported to OSDH, and that the ‘new cases’ category simply allows for more accurate tracking of current trends, while older, delayed results are not being lost, but presented instead on the appropriate date.