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OSDH Weekly Briefing Recap

Thursday, September 30, 2021

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma State Department of Health held a media briefing today, September 30, to provide updates on the state’s response to COVID-19.

Below, please see highlights from the discussion. A recording of the briefing can be found here.


  • COVID-19 numbers and hospitalizations in Oklahoma are trending down, and health officials are cautiously optimistic that this trend will continue.
    • Earlier this week, cases in Oklahoma were 41% lower than the peak 7-day average case count, when 2,806 cases were reported on Aug. 30.
    • Hospitalizations have declined 33% since Aug. 25.
    • Over the past 30 days, 91% of hospitalizations have occurred in people who are unvaccinated.
  • 78 school districts have applied to receive grant funding for an optional in-school COVID-19 testing program.
    • This accounts for a little over $12 million in grant funds that will go toward testing supplies and other resources to mitigate COVID-19 in schools.
    • OSDH is collaborating with the State Department of Education and districts across the state to implement this program.
  • Next Thursday, October 7, OSDH will publish an audited number to clarify the number of deaths from COVID-19 in Oklahoma in 2020.
    • The state reports deaths using our Acute Disease Services (ADS) system. Auditing deaths that are reported through Acute Disease Services is something that is done every year and is not specific to deaths related to COVID-19.
    • OSDH investigates each individual death certificate filed with the state that mentions COVID-19 to verify whether the death is related to COVID-19. If COVID-19 is not found to be a contributing factor, the death is removed from the ADS report.
    • This caused a discrepancy in the ADS death count and the CDC death count earlier this year, which has since been rectified. The ADS number will now better align with the CDC number.
  • Monoclonal antibody treatments are now available to patients with COVID-19 across the state.
    • Monoclonal antibody treatment has been shown to lessen the severity of illness in high risk COVID-19 patients and ultimately help to keep more individuals out of the hospital.
    • We are grateful to our local partners who are helping to implement this treatment for their commitment to the health and safety of Oklahomans.
  • Last week, the FDA authorized and the CDC approved an Emergency Use Authorization of a single booster dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for certain eligible individuals.
    • The CDC recommends the following individuals receive a booster shot:
      • People 65 years and older and residents in long-term care settings should receive a booster shot.
      • People aged 50–64 years with underlying medical conditions should receive a booster shot.
      • People aged 18–49 years with underlying medical conditions may receive a booster shot based on their individual benefits and risks.
      • People aged 18-64 years who are at increased risk for COVID-19 exposure and transmission because of occupational or institutional setting may receive a booster shot based on their individual benefits and risks.
    • Verification of a high-risk job or environment will not be required to receive a booster dose.
    • COVID-19 vaccines are readily available at a variety of providers in every county. Eligible Oklahomans can find vaccine appointments in their area by visiting a local pharmacy or personal provider, using the state’s Vaccine Scheduler Portal, visiting or by calling 211.
  • Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to get their COVID-19 vaccine. As of today:
    • 4,139,908 total doses have been administered
    • 1,879,922 Oklahomans have completed the full series; this includes:
      • 47.5% of the total population
      • 58.8% of the adult population
      • 79.9% of the 65+ population
    • 2,235,643 Oklahomans have received at least 1 dose; this includes:
      • 56.5% of the total population
      • 69.7% of the adult population
      • 91.4% of the 65+ population


Last Modified on Oct 01, 2021
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