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Tuesday, June 08, 2021
COVID-19 Oklahoma Test Results
COVID Cases 453,970
New Cases 80
New Cases 7 day Average 104
Active Cases  936
Provisional Death Count (CDC/NHS) 8,500
Acute Care OSDH Licensed 

Recent 3 day Ave. Hospitalizations
Cases (ICU)
Region 1 (NW) 1 (0)
Region 2 (NE) 10 (1)
Region 3 (SW) 9 (1)
Region 4 (EC) 8 (2)
Region 5 (SE) 1 (1)
Region 6 (Central) 6 (2)
Region 7 (Tulsa) 49 (22)
Region 8 (OKC) 35 (8)
Total 119 (37)
Other Types of Facilities
Focus Facilities 4 (0)
Rehabilitation Facilities 0 (0)
Tribal Facilities 4 (1)
Other Facilities Total 8 (1)

*The total includes laboratory information provided to OSDH at the time of the report. Total counts may not reflect unique individuals.

***The purpose of publishing aggregated statistical COVID-19 data through the OSDH Dashboard, the Executive Order Report, and the Weekly Epidemiology and Surveillance Report is to support the needs of the general public in receiving important and necessary information regarding the state of the health and safety of the citizens of Oklahoma. These resources may be used only for statistical purposes and may not be used in any way that would determine the identity of any reported cases.

Data Source: Acute Disease Service, Oklahoma State Department of Health.
*As of 2021-06-08 at 7:00 a.m.

Detailed case statistics are published on the website. Click here for more information.