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OSDH Vaccine Update 02.11.2021

Thursday, February 11, 2021

OSDH will provide an end-of-day update on progress following any media availability or press conferences. 

If you missed today’s press conference with state officials announcing new eligible priority groups, click here to view the recording. 

Updates as of 8 a.m. on Thursday, February 11: 

  • 729,205 Oklahomans have registered through the portal to receive notifications on eligibility. 
    • Phase 1: 23,922
    • Phase 2 (currently eligible groups): 418,614
    • 165,217 appointments have been scheduled by Oklahomans eligible to receive the vaccine
      • More appointments will continue to be added throughout the week, so OSDH recommends that people continue checking the system on an ongoing basis. 
  • Starting Feb. 22, Oklahoma will begin vaccinating the next high-risk priority groups outlined in phase 2 of the state’s distribution plan: Oklahomans under 65 with comorbidities and teachers and staff in Pre-K-12 schools and educational settings. 
    • Individuals who are registered in the state’s Vaccine Scheduler Portal will receive a link and instructions via email on how to schedule an appointment. 
    • We recommend you register with the portal if you have not done so already, or sign up through a local pandemic provider.
    • Comorbid conditions outlined in the plan include but are not limited to hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular disease, Down syndrome, diabetes mellitus, chronic lung, liver or renal disease, cancers and those who are at high risk of mortality and severe morbidity resulting from a COVID-19 infection. 
      • If you have a condition that is not included in the above list, we recommend reaching out to your healthcare provider. 
    • We want to remind Oklahomans that vaccine appointments will still be available to those included in earlier priority groups such as healthcare workers, people 65+ and long-term care staff and residents. 
  • Teachers and school staff are encouraged to wait for guidance from their school district on how to schedule a vaccine appointment. 
    • To quickly and efficiently administer vaccines to pre-K-12 staff, regional directors from the State Department of Health are working closely with school districts to establish vaccine clinics limited to teachers and staff. 
    • Our goal is for all teachers and staff to have the opportunity to schedule an appointment before spring break. 
  • These next priority groups are larger, and it may take some time to vaccinate everyone in these groups.
    • We estimate there are 89,000 Oklahomans who qualify as teachers and staff, and just over 1 million Oklahomans with comorbidities who will qualify during the next period. 
    • Appointment availability is dependent on vaccine supply. As vaccine supply increases, more access points are likely to become available across the state.
    • Oklahomans may turn to other providers outside of the Vaccine Scheduler Portal as they begin looking for appointments. 
      • We are participating in the new Federal Retail Pharmacy program, which will provide additional doses to over 70 pharmacies across the state.
      • Appointments may also become available with local healthcare providers and other healthcare venues that typically service individuals with comorbid conditions. 
  • Due to inclement weather, some county health departments and PODS across the state are rescheduling vaccine appointments. 
    • We’d like to remind Oklahomans with appointments that safety is our top priority. Do not feel obligated to leave your home if road conditions are poor and potentially dangerous in your area. 
    • PODS closures are up to the discretion of local county health departments. A list of closures across the state can be found here
    • If your local POD site or vaccination clinic is closed, you will be contacted by your local county health department as soon as possible to reschedule. 
    • We do not anticipate significant vaccine waste or a decrease in supply related to canceled and rescheduled appointments. 
  • Current priority groups that are eligible for vaccine appointments as part of Phase 2 of the vaccine plan: 
    • Healthcare workers
      • Expanded healthcare worker group such as allied health fields and general outpatient health service (i.e. behavioral health, dentists) 
    • First responders
    • Oklahomans aged 65+ 


Additional Resources:

For FAQs regarding scheduling your vaccine appointment, visit:

To use the Vaccine Scheduler Portal, visit:
If you would like to learn more about your eligibility, but cannot access the internet, please call 211 or your local health department.

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