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Sunday, March 15, 2020
  • Three additional individuals have tested positive for COVID-19. The cases are in Cleveland, Payne and Tulsa counties. There are currently seven cases in Oklahoma.
  • County health officials are working with each case to determine close contacts and any further need for testing.
  • Moving forward, the CDC is no longer confirming presumptive positive cases. All positive cases reported in the Oklahoma State Department of Health public health laboratory will stand as confirmed.
  • We continue to work with health care providers and are testing individuals who are recommended for testing by a provider.
  • The COVID-19 hotline is open Sunday from Noon-6 p.m. The number is 877-215-8336.

COVID-19 Cases by County

County COVID-19 Cases by County
Cleveland 1
Jackson 1
Oklahoma 1
Payne 1
Tulsa 3
Total 7

COVID-19 Cases by Age Group

Age Group, Years COVID-19 Cases*
00-04 0
05-17 0
18-49 3
50-64 3
65+ 1
Total 7
Age Range 20-69 yrs

COVID-19 Cases by Gender

County COVID-19 Cases by Gender
Female 5
Male 2
Total 7

Data Source: Acute Disease Service, Oklahoma State Department of Health.
*As of 3/15/2020

Last Modified on Nov 03, 2020
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