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CareerTech Videos

Through a network of 394 PK-12 school districts, 29 technology center districts, 13 skills center sites and 31 adult basic education providers, enrollment in CareerTech programs exceeds 426,000. The CareerTech system served more than 5,600 businesses in 2021, increasing their profitability through some form of CareerTech service or training. Check out the videos below to learn how we do it.

Electrical Careers

The demand for workers across multiple sectors in the construction industry is expected to grow in Oklahoma through 2026, with 850 projected job openings annually for electricians.

OkPTAC Success Stories

Tim Frisby and Brandon Garcia tell us about how OkPTAC helped their aerospace manufacturing business reach the sky with more opportunities in federal contracting.

Skills Centers

CareerTech's Skills Centers system helps inmates transition back to their communities by teaching them the trade and technical skills they need to obtain employment upon release. The Skills Centers program was launched in 1971, when Oklahoma Sen. Jim E. Hamilton authored legislation to establish training for inmates through CareerTech and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  

HVAC Technicians

Oklahoma will need 430 additional HVAC workers this year. HVAC technicians install, maintain and repair ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems that control temperature and air quality. Today's technicians can earn an average of $47,670 a year.

Last Modified on Nov 23, 2021
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